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The Dojo Loach is a true curiosity with their habit of becoming very active when there is a weather change!
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AR - 2009-07-11
The bit about them resting on other fish is true. Tesla, the largest and laziest of my loaches, will actually ride my telescope eye goldfish to the surface of the tank when I feed them. Very amusing to watch.

Jennie Collingsworth - 2009-01-31
I've had my Do Jo Loach for well over a year and have to admit I did not research this well - we picked it out for my grandson who lives with me. 'Do Jo' keeps floating up to the top 'tail-end' first. I thought perhaps that he was sick or dying, but he keeps hanging in there. I did not know about the type of environment that he needed (sand, fine gravel, rooted plants, rocks to hide around, and the variety of food they eat). I just changed out the water (10%) and the filter. These are done on a regular basis - when we first got him he swam up and down the sides of the tank, but seems to be getting less active. Any suggestions or advice would be welcomed. I am going out to day to get sand, gravel, plants, etc. and the brine shrimp to beef the menu . . .

Matt - 2008-12-09
My dojo loach, while he may not be the prettiest fish in my aquarium, is definitely one of the most interesting. He seems to get along with my banjo and silver pictus cats and is not very agressive. Definitely a great fish.

Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-12-04
I just got my Weather Loach today and he is a fun one to watch. The Burmese loach and the weather like to go around the tank and just play with each other, and all fun fish to watch.

Mike - 2008-05-04
I have mine in an outside pond with Goldfish. I thought I had lost him about 8 years ago. This year when I relined the pond I found this fellow still very much alive, bigger and very healthy. Strange that he does not come to the surface like he used to.

Cathy - 2008-04-08
I love weather loaches so much. They are very intelligent fish! They remember a lot, such as when I am placing thawed out blood worm in a certain area, they will gather in that specific area! My favoured fish are indeed weather loaches! Good luck with your weather loaches, weather loach keepers

Jack - 2008-03-10
I got 2 dojo loaches. When I put them in the tank I thought they were dead because they were not moving. But the next morning they were swimming about like happy chappies. They like to lie in my castle ornament.

Tyler - 2008-03-03
My dojo loach, cleverly named dojo, is a weird fish. When I try to pet him he swims away but then swims right back to my hand. He likes to lay on top of the gravel filter where there's moving water, and yes he farts.

chintooka - 2008-02-13
You guys should put how long the dojo loaches live on this site, also we named our dojo loach Hyfex. Oh, and his tricks are jumping out of the water and farting!(It reaks really bad!)

Christopher Hall - 2008-01-28
The reason this afforable little loach farts is related to its name: the weather loach. Most fish have swim bladders, small sacks filled with air that help maintain bouyancy. In this fish, the swim bladder is attached to some bone. When a low pressure system moves in (as when a storm developes), the swim bladder changes in size. Because of the bony attachment in the loach, it feels this change. This causes it to become more active, often racing to the surface to grab a gulp of air (something like us trying to pop our ears in an air plane). Sometimes this air goes into the digestive tract, and gets espelled. There is your farting fish.

These fish do like to be touched; I've held one in my hand for several minutes. They are quite funny and anyone who dislikes them based on their looks don't deserve them.