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The Clown Loach is a very popular fish, land makes a fabulous freshwater showpiece!
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Stefan Kraan - 2006-05-13
Great fish! Fun to watch. I thought they would be shy and hide most of the time, like most loaches. But they are quite lively actually. And a bit silly too. They tend to rest on their sides every now and often. Easy to keep, very happy fish if you refresh your water weekly (I change 50% of my water every saturday). Since they become increasingly rare in the wild, they cost some money. If you get them, take good care of them!

r - 2005-09-25
Thank you for your pictures and information. I recently bought a Tiger loach but the name they used at the pet store I couldn't recall. I searched until I found your site and realized what I bought. My husband thought it was the same as our red tailed shark because they are quite similiar. Now we know exactly.