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The Clown Loach is a very popular fish, land makes a fabulous freshwater showpiece!
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Miquel - 2009-03-07
I only have one clown loach left of a party of five when they were little. He's about six inches...easy. My Oscar's size won't allow me to introduce any new fish at this time; I really would like to have more loaches. They ARE very colorful. That playing dead thing is weird to say the least.

Anonymous - 2009-01-05
I have a clown loach in a tank with a tiger loach and a senegal bichir and a red tail shark and 2 mollies and a pleco and a raphael catfish

kevin from ky - 2008-03-30
I have to say the Clown loach is one of my favorite freshwater fish. Got my first one and 17.7 years have passed since then and I'm still buying food for this guy. He's a male named Phoenix. When I got him he was as long as a thumbnail, he's about four inches now. He was the only surviver when my first tank (30 gallon, which I bought at a yard sale) sprung a leak, cracked, and exploded. If it wouldn't have been for Phoenix I would have called it quits then. I saved all my fish in bucket but they all died minus the loach. Times were harder for me then and he ended up living in my bathroom sink for 2 days until I found a way to borrow money for new tank. I have a 55 gallon now and he lives quite a happy life with two other Clown loaches. They love to hide but you still see them often and they are definately the class clowns of the community. They'll do all sorts of crazy stuff and they get along with absolutely everything. They live a long time though, so you better be prepared for a long term relationship.

chris - 2008-03-13
In my experience, and I've kept clown loaches for years, when I introduce new loaches I do a reshuffle of the ornaments to allow the loaches to establish new territories.

Laure - 2008-03-08
I have a little problem with my last clown loach and I would like to know if anyone can advise me. We had 2 of them 9 years ago, and had different species who all died one by one. Since the last fish died tragically (the pomp broke during the night and the clown was the last one of the two alive on the little water left). Since he has been alone (approx 1 month) he spent all his time hiding in the vase I bought for them few years ago. He/she sounds a bit traumatize still by this accident I think. Anyway, today we bought him 2 clown friends and other species to keep him entertained. I suppose they will all settle down within few days. Therefore, I want to create a hiding place for the new one with 3 flat stones so when hidden we can still see them. My question is: can I remove the vase for the old one as I don't see him/her as much as before, or you will advice me to keep the vase as this it an old fish now? If anyone has experience this ..
Thanks for you help

donna - 2008-01-11
I have a 3 to 3 1/2 inch male and about a 3 inch female clown loach. Mamma died and I now have 5 frys and daddy. I have read that it is rare for loaches to breed. I have a 30 gallon aquarium with fan tailed guppies, red finned shark, and assorted mollys. None of them have bothered the fry (yet).

phil - 2007-11-28
The clown loach is also great for controlling or fixing a snail problem. Not wanting to use chemicals in my tank I found some research that suggested some loaches will eat snails and that the clown was very good at this. I got two loaches and within two days my large snail problem was SOLVED never to return. These are fun and colorful fish and great for snail control. Get a couple of these and you will not be disappointed!

kathy - 2007-11-08
I have a Clown Loach. His name is Nemo. I love him. The Clown loach is my favorite loach. I love to watch him.

paul docter - 2007-07-02
these fish are crazy. They are completely active, beautiful, and fun to watch. I have a school of 5 in my 90 gallon tall tank, along with a yoyo loach. They swim up and down up and down on the side of the tank, and make you dizzy.

Mindy S - 2007-06-14
I love my clown loaches. I have 3 in a 55 gallon tank. They live with 2 very large fire eels, lots to neon tetras, cat fish, bushnose plecostamus, reproductive guppies, 2 siamese alge eaters, a couple of african water frogs, and more. The cool thing is that they started to reproduce too. She has just laid eggs. Found a nice cubby in a large barnicle shell that I put in there. So am looking forward to having some babies. These fish are great. They are very active and keep us entertained for hours. The boys are always busy and dancing around. They eat anything. I originally bought them to eat up the snail population and they do a good job at it. They are a definite must in a tank.