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The gorgeous Bengal Loach is a fairly small fish that loves to scavenge and snack on snails!
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Sovit - 2009-12-05
I have 3 bengal loaches & they ARE NOT community fishes... They swiped the head of my oranda red cap & are frequently attacking my 6 inch iridescent shark!

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  • jacky - 2012-05-30
    I am so sorry for your fish
Anonymous - 2006-06-05
i have a bengal loach but it hides in a piece of bog wood.

Sherri - 2005-10-20
I have 2 Bengal loach's and they are awesome little fish. They are very adaptable and hardy. It is great to watch them playing and picking at each other constantly, they are fun to watch. They do good with their tank mates...I have 5 tiger barbs, 4 gouramis and 2 pleco's with them in a 30 gallon tank.