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   The Platy is considered the color king of the live-bearer fishes! It is one of the best beginner fish and is excellent for community aquariums!
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Susan - 2004-04-07
I love having platies. They are wonderful to watch and comes in various colors and sizes. They are easy to breed and easy to tell apart. I have two platies at the moment. A male and a female that are currently living in a ten gallon tank with other fishes.

homer - 2004-03-21
Platies are my favorite tropical fish. The different varieties of colors and their small size make them a sight for sore eyes when you put them in a school together. I currently have a heavily-decorated 10-gal. tank with a mating pair of blue-coral dawn platies, a deep-red platy, and a long-bodied, gold-cream platy with pink eyes, although I think he could be a molly--not really sure--regardless, he is gorgeous. The mating pair has just given birth to a bunch of fries and they look so cute swimming around really fast looking for food and hiding from the adults. If they survive to adult-hood, I will be moving all my platies to my bigger 29-gal. community tank (since no 10-gal. will be sufficient enough to hold about 16 platies).

Tracy - 2004-03-07
I love platies! I have only two right now, in a 10 gal. tank, and they are both females. One of them is pregnant. I hope all goes well though because I am going to let her have them in the community tank, and although I have only one other fish, the frey are still at risk. I have had other platies, 2 male, which were the first that I started with. One of them died a few months later. The other was my favorite, and he also died about a month or so after the first one. During the so little time I had with my last male platy, I got him a friend, a female friend, and was he happy! She is still here, and now she has a new friend. :)

CR7721 - 2004-02-27
I have two platys in a 20 gallon tank along with 12 other fish.The platys will stay to themselves out in the open water and are great community fish. For fun they will chase each other around without nipping fins. They are very colorful and come in many different shapes and sizes. They should be kept in tanks with tempuratures between 72-78 degrese. They will eat everything such as flakes, tablets, and live, but I suggest flakes and maybe live as a treat. Overall I think platies are community fish that can be kept,in a tank with almost any other types of fish because they are so peaceful.

Henry - 2003-09-06
I bought 2 pairs of platies (Marigold Wagtail) and realised it was best to put each pair in separate tanks. The males tend to be aggressive with each other. I kept a pair at a quiet corner of my room, and occasionally fed them with tubifex worms and bloodworms as a treat. A driftwood, a simple filtering system together with pebbles were provided. Many many months later, the MOTHER platy is still around -- though the FATHER is dead -- which proves that platies can have a long lifespan too, and really grow to 7cm.