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   The Platy is considered the color king of the live-bearer fishes! It is one of the best beginner fish and is excellent for community aquariums!
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DAWN - 2005-06-16
I love my platys! My husband brought a couple home from the fish store one day as a gift after my current fish died. After a couple of weeks I noticed fry, but they disappeared! I added some hatching grass and a couple of more rocks and now they are reproducing very quickly! So much fun! I will be taking one pregnant female and one male to my work so the kids can watch the reproductive process in action! I cannot wait to see their reaction.

Maja - 2005-05-12
I have had 3 platys in my tank for about 1 year now. 2 females and 1 male. I've seen them mate but the females have never given birth. I don't know why this is. Recently, I lost one of the females and the male isn't interested in the other female as a mate but rather as a companion only.

Luke Bucko - 2005-04-12
I love my platies even though I am a beginner. they come in a variety of colors and are peaceful.

Samir - 2005-03-31
One of the best fish. Very friendly even with betta!!!

Mary - 2005-01-14
They truly are beautiful fish. I have 6 in a 10 gallon tank. Although I cannot tell male from female, I must have some of both cause they keep having fry. They make a great first pet.

Keith Hunter - 2004-10-16
I think these fish r great. they add color to a tank and they do well in a 6.5ph level. very small but can still be seen by all.

Ann - 2004-10-09
They are quite easy to care for and I had several who managed to breed. They get along well with the other fish but my serpae tetra love to nip on them.

Shay - 2004-08-26
I think that Platies are one of the best fish u can have!

Jennifer - 2004-08-02
We have 2 platies that were a gift to my son on his 5th birthday. They have been GREAT as a fish for beginners. It turns out they are very hardy fish and have survived (and thrived) despite the fact that we are just learning how to keep an aquarium healthy. They even survived a bout with "protozoan velvet" parasite that must have come from the pet store. I love how energetic and colorful they are, and have become as attached to the little buggers as my son is.

peacock - 2004-05-04
I had started out with gold fish in a 10gal tank and got a couple of platies. I dumped the gold fish and now I have two 20gal tanks with about 40 or more platies of different varieties.