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   The Platy is considered the color king of the live-bearer fishes! It is one of the best beginner fish and is excellent for community aquariums!
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crystal - 2007-02-07
i think these are one of the best fish to have as a starter and as a expert. i love having them and they last for a long time. i love getting them over and over again.

Cyrus - 2006-09-05
I first had platies when I first got pet fish. I kept them with cory catfish. shortly they died and later the catfish. after that we got swordtails and a kissing goraumi. Then the swordtail aventually died. It took the goraumi years to die until we got guppies, after the guppies reproduced and the tank got to crowded. So, here I am now with guppies that we are going to return soon. I MUST SAY, platies are easy to keep and I recommend them for beginners.

roweb - 2006-07-13
The small, deep-bright-red Platy (redder than the one in the picture) with a chubby belly and no hint of black coloration is a must for all tropical fish afficionados. I just can't get enough of their redness! They are always in good behavior, strong, and they love to eat. It gives me so much pleasure watching them with the Harlequin Raspbora, Balloon Mollies, and my last remaining (big) guppies. I would love to see an electric yellow dwarf platy one day (like the Pearl Labidochromis but with no black lining), wouldn't that be something?!

ismar - 2006-07-09
I just Bought 4 Platy's today!! They are wonderful ...i bought a Black, Black Spotted, Silver, and Reddish Platy!! All 4 are doing wonderfuL!! The fish are very active! But i noticed that the Black Spotted one likes to hide alot!! I am looking forward to keeping them for a long time and maybe even buying some more!! I cant way till they breed!!

Erik and Kelly - 2006-05-12
I just purchased a 5 gallon tank. One Betta, one pleco, and one Sunburst Platy. Little did we know the platy was pregnant and now our tank is filled with our original fish and atleast 8 little "fry's". I hope all goes well. Ive never had fish before this.

Laura - 2006-03-28
Wow, I wish I'd have found this site a month ago! My husband and I purchased a 10-gallon fish tank for our kids for Valentine's Day this year, and filled it with 5 platys. When the sales associate asked if I had a male/female preference I am just enough of a dummy to just tell her it didn't matter. It was only after I got home and started researching our purchase I learned how quickly these little things multiply! And not only that, we ended up with three males and two females, so it was like having three fish only because the dominant male herded the females, and the other two males hid in the corners. So that was my first mistake. After realizing this, and dreading explaning to my kids that the fry swimming in the tank every so often were actually fish food, I decided we needed a homosexual tank. Which takes me to my second mistake... I actually rounded up and exchanged the males for females, so now the tank is all females. I had worried that an all male tank would be less sociable or something, I guess. It's solved the mating problem, but I agree with the other comments - the males are more beautiful, and I think I would have liked to have seen the interaction between them. Anyway, live and learn, but If you're looking for a stable fish tank without s gazillion babies, tell the salesperson "males only, please."

vanessa - 2006-03-27
I had a male betta that I was really attached to. He died last week and I was very upset. I knew I wanted more fish but I didnt know what to get until I saw the red platys. I picked up 3 platys and 1 female betta. The platys are beautiful and peaceful fish. The female betta was fine with the platys the first day. But than became very aggressive with the platys. She would chase them constantly. I had to remove her and put her in her own tank. Now that the female betta has her own tank, I am going to get more platys. They are so sweet and so pretty. I dont know what other fish they habitate well with but I defiantly dont recommend bettas!

Nalysa - 2005-12-04
I had been keeping other fish for a long while, but when they died, I went to my pet store and told them I wanted something simple and colorful since I have very little time these days for the care. They gave me two Platys-one bright orange male and a lovely female. I had them for approximately two months when I was feeding them one day and as I watched them, I noticed something from the corner of my eye.. moving on the other side of the tank.. I was amazed to see 2 very small Fry! Never having had these fish before, I was not prepared for this and was thrilled. That was about 6 weeks ago.. now I have six fry.. each pair at a different rate of growth. I have not separated them from the parents and all are coexisting nicely. I do have one observation, however. Even though I have learned through reading that the males do not show their colors until maturity, I have one Fry barely larger than a grain of rice who is a bright orange just like the Papa .. while the 5 others are colored like the Mama. All in all, I have decided that Platys are definitely my fish of choice.

tashfiq - 2005-12-01
Hey these fish are great looking and good community fish. I had one and it killed a male guppy, but normally they are very peaceful. Beware as they breed pretyy fast, but not as fast as guppies. I recommend them more than guppies because they wont atack other fish. They will swim a lot. Feed them wardley flakes. Do not feed them anymore than they can eat in 2-3 minutes. But do not mix them with guppies because you will get many babies. You should have about a 15 gallon tank. They also are a bit cheap, they cost about 1.20-1.40$ both male and female at walmart or petmart or petco. They usually breed in about 6 weeks but if the conditions arent right it will take longer. Do not scare them because there is a chance for them to jump. I have witnessed them trying to jump. There are many types but I recommend gold crescent platy because cost cheap and are nice colored.

ivor whitehouse - 2005-10-28
platies are the fish i used to cycle my two tanks as they are quite hardy. i have a problem with the breeding though as they just will not stop. have given nearly two hundred away and have added two silver sharks to one tank which feed on the fry as live food. have considered splitting the males from females or even putting them into a tank without heat as they are supposed to survive quite well at room temp and their colors show up better. funny thing is i will go to all lengths to save a little one if it gets caught in my filter or ends up in the bucket during a water change even though i'm over run with them. i refer to them as ratty platies because of their never ending breeding which is second only to their continual hunger. an easy and pleasing fish to keep if you can control the birth rate. would recommend as a good starter fish, just stick to the males if you don't want a tank full. the males are the best to look at and a little more interesting in their habits like displaying at each other.