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   The Platy is considered the color king of the live-bearer fishes! It is one of the best beginner fish and is excellent for community aquariums!
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Anonymous - 2010-02-09
If you want platies to breed my suggestion is to get one male and two females so the is not too much conflict and the females get a little breathing room. If not than ask for males or females only.

Penny - 2009-12-04
Platies do eat their young. I witnessed it this morning. A little one (born last night) was cornered in the tank by the mom and eaten. Today we put up a tank separator to keep the other survivors safe.

Irene - 2009-06-03
To whom it may concern,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on platties. I have learned much valuable information from your website. I have some platties coexisting happily with other community fish including guppies, mollies, several female bettas and one double tail male betta. They all seem to be doing fine together. Most of my platties have the Mickey Mouse markings on their tails. As I am a big Disney fan, I love these types the best. At this time I have a couple of babies that have survived in the tank and live with the other fish just fine. For later reference, I have organized your website and other related websites that I may need later.



fishlover - 2009-02-23
Cool info. I have 2 Mickey mouse platies ( female = blue/green , male = yellow/red). I found out that they reproduced just a few day's ago. I caught 13 of them and put them into a breed tank inside of the normal tank (with a tube) and they are doing fine! :)

P.s do not mix mickey mouse fish with goldfish (always keep goldfish with other goldfish because otherwise they will die). Adding a big stone of coral will make the water harder and not always good for tropical or other fish. Peace

kathy - 2009-02-18
I got 2 Mickey Mouse Platys the other day. A male and a female. I named them Mickey and Minnie. They are doing great with my other fish. I have some Balloon Mollies in the tank with them. 1 Clown Loach, 1 Yo Yo loach, and 2 little frogs. Everyone gets along. Everyone's happy. I love the Mickey Mouse Platys.

Joseph - 2009-02-08
I have three mickey mouse platies with six goldfish. I bought them yesterday. I know they are tropical fish but I put them in anyway. They are doing fine and all next week I'm planning to add my huge coral in my tank so they can hide. They are very cute but they are only a pest when they nibble in my plants and they are always at the top of the tank when I'm watching them. Then when I leave, they swim everywhere in the aquarium. :C

Anonymous - 2009-01-21
I have two different varieties of platies and they bred with each other. I thought it was odd that two different varieties of platies could breed! Plus, the water conditions weren't very good. Strange huh? Now we have 3 baby platies! So they can breed in not very good conditions. Most pet stores will say they have to have just the right conditions to breed. I found out they were wrong.

Phyllis - 2008-11-22
I just love my (wild colored) Variatus! They are so active, easy to breed, and peaceful in my 20gal. tall community tank. My tank has low lighting (with a full glass top cover), 2" of Eco brand soil, 1med. piece of beautiful Mopanzi wood, Java moss, Java ferns, 1lg. Anub., 1lg. Balanese Crypt., good amount of Italian Val. (in back corners), 1sm. bunch Pennyroyal, and lots of floating Duckweed. I use a 30gal. Whisper hang on filter (set on low flow). The care of my tank is easy - remove overgrowth of most of duckweed (once a month), trim and remove any dead leaves (whenever found), rinse off filter every month (replace with new one every 6 months), replace fish/plant grow light tube (every 6 months - even if it's not burned out), top off water (as needed when it dehydrates down to 1" - usually once every 2 wks.), divide/remove extra grown plants (yearly), and remove baby Variatus when they are 1/4th grown (I give most of them away) - THAT"S IT! It houses 2f.Variatus and 1m.Var., 3f.Oto. cats and 2m.Oto. cats. (these are the best algea eaters EVER), 1m. Pearl Gourami, and 1m.Sunset Gourami! I just love my beautiful "LIVE" aquarium and gorgeous (wild colored)Variatus are my favorites fish!

kathy - 2008-10-09
I have a blue Mickey Mouse Platy. A male. I have a Red Wag Platy. A female. The male's name is Darwin. And the female's name is Rosie. I hope they have babies for me. That would be cool. I love Platys. I really love the Mickey Mouse Platys. I plan on getting more platys.

Dan - 2008-09-19
I just set up my 110 gallon tank about a month ago, and a few weeks ago picked up 6 Mickey Mouse Platies, 4 female and 2 male. The males are bright, bright orange, with a very clear Mickey Mouse silhouette on the tail, and the females are kind of plain looking, but all are very healthy and happy and seem to be breeding. They stick closely together and sometimes go from one female right to the other! They seem disinterested, but have no choice! They are fairly young, and in the few weeks I've had them, all 4 are looking VERY pregnant! I expect to have fry in the next couple of weeks. A friend of mine gave me his Marble Angel and he tends to keep mostly to himself and does not bother the platies. I don't know why everyone is so worried about getting lots of fry in their tank - that's the idea of a community tank! I'm actually looking forward to having 50 or more fry as time goes on... any excess are going to the pet store! :-)