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   The colorful active Molly, Short-finned Molly, Sailfin Molly, or Mexican Sailfin Molly has long held the position of being a most popular fish because it is peaceful, relatively hardy, inexpensive, and readily bred!
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bill - 2006-10-07
Mollies are a good hardy starter fish and will multiply in your tank. I work at a pet store and see fish come in, get sold or die in the store. I have marble, dalmation, balloon, black and lyretail mollies. Most of these were from where I work. I have approximately 50 mollies in my tank with about 50 other fish and 50 snails to boot. Mollies also like salt in their tank and can tolerate brackish water to salt water enviroments. My fish seem to do the best at 75 degrees to 77 degrees. Out of all the mollies the balloons will entertain you.

Scott - 2006-10-01
My Lyretail Molly eats alot of snail eggs.

Henryk Tutak - 2006-09-17
We have bought 1 male and 2 females of the Silver Lyretail Molly.
The fishes are not so peaceful like mentioned in many books and on the web. They are agressive to all the forms of Goldfish but not to other species.
(the 450 litre aquarium is hold on 25

Alicia Webster - 2006-07-21
A few months ago my husband and I bought our daughter two silver lyretail mollies. She had only had them for a little while she woke up one morning and realized she had ten babies in her tank. She got so excited but then a few days later the mother died but the fry are doing very well and have grown fast

Tony - 2006-05-29
i got 4 dalmation mollys today and they are great.
they are so colourful even though they are black and white.
im just waiting on some fry.

michelle - 2006-05-19
Hi, I just got 2 dalmation mollies when I got them home I noticed that they both have a golden yellow dusting over their bodies, so they are now in a hospital tank because I don't know if this is normal for them. I'm a little bummed, I was excited to add them to my aquarium.

daly molly - 2006-04-19
Hello. I just got two dalmation mollys to put in with my 2 tiger barbs. I am hoping to have some fry someday soon. They are so active and cool.

pran - 2006-03-27
oh!! these fish are great. i bought 2 on sunday 2006march26th. I've only had them for few days but they are so cool! Since they breed like rabbits i'd prefer the female to be alone when its pregnant. I have them with playties and guppies [no swordtails] and all those fish mix right in! Anyway, these are great fish!

Alisha Roy - 2006-01-16
I actually bought 6 assorted colored balloon mollies. I have never owned such interesting fish. They enjoy the entire tank. Two days before Christmas, I awoke to 23 fry. All are still healthy and active, but when they get a little bigger, I am going to have to get another fish tank, lack of space and all.

terri - 2005-12-13
Right now I have 4 mollies. 1 of them a sailfin and the other three lyretails. They are easy to take care of yet I found that a few of them have a tiny white dots on their tails and fins and was wondering what it was. They are mixed w/ a pair of guppies. (Editor: spots are possibly ick which mollies can be prone too. This is easily medicated with an ick medicine such as Aquarisol and raising the temperature to about 83 Degrees F during the treatment.)