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   The colorful active Molly, Short-finned Molly, Sailfin Molly, or Mexican Sailfin Molly has long held the position of being a most popular fish because it is peaceful, relatively hardy, inexpensive, and readily bred!
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TENTEN - 2008-08-24
My family loves molly fish, especially sailfins... TENTEN

SANDRA - 2008-08-14
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced a dalmation molly turn pure black.I had 3, 2 died (they were losing there spots too). The one I still have is very active and healthy. I recently got 3 more dalmations and the original in the tank (now black) is chewing the pectoral fins off one of the new dalmations and will not leave it alone. I had to separate the new traumatized fish from the meanie. Does anybody know what is going on here? Is the new one a male and the black one a male and is maybe chewing off those fins (ponodium)? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Kim - 2008-08-13
I just bought my Mollies today and noticed that one of them might be pregnant. While I was looking up information about it she started giving birth! The last time I counted there were 16 babies and since then she's had more. I've given up counting.

Sandra Brynjolfson - 2008-08-13
Hi, I recently purchased 3 Dalmation Mollies 2 only lasted 3 mos. 1 is still a member of my fish community. He (I think it's a he) has turned pure black. The other 2 mollies who died were also transforming to black. Has anybody experienced this before? My original Dalmation 'Mephisto' who's now black is mean to the 3 new Dalmations. I am searching the web and my aquarium books to find any info I can on Dalmation Mollies. Anyone who has any insight please let me know, it will be greatly appreciated by me and my new Molly group.

Amber - 2008-07-15
I have 19 black molly babies. They love to swim fast, they also jump. They were just born.

kathy - 2008-02-06
I got a Balloon Molly and a Black Molly. The Balloon Molly is a female, so I named her Molly. The Black Molly is a male, so I named him Blackie. I hope they have babies. That would be cool! I'll wait and see.

Brittney - 2008-01-31
My molly only had 6 babies!

Quinntan - 2008-01-28
I had a molly and he or she would always get the food first and guard it all for itself. One day I brought home a shrimp and put in the tank, the next week it was gone so I just bought another. But the next week it was gone too. Then I found out it was the molly. These are really good fish.

kathy - 2008-01-21
I bought a Yo Yo loach the other day. In the clear bag with my Yo Yo loach was a baby Balloon Molly. It hides behind the air tubes a lot. It eats the flake food I feed to my other fish. I can't wait until it gets bigger. It's so cute. I'll have fun watching my baby molly grow.

tyler hoefinghoff - 2007-12-01
Hey i have a regular molly. It has a huge problem, one of its eyes has been completely covered by a white substance. Also upon further review i saw that one of it gills has a medium sized gap (which is red). But it still eats and interacts with other fish and my other fish have been living with it for a pretty long time with out catching whatever it has. Thanks!