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   The colorful active Molly, Short-finned Molly, Sailfin Molly, or Mexican Sailfin Molly has long held the position of being a most popular fish because it is peaceful, relatively hardy, inexpensive, and readily bred!
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LivebearingStudies - 2010-11-20
I'm trying to persuade my parents to get me a molly but they wont budge. But I also want to figure out if mollies can breed with other types of mollies, you know like an inbreed. And I heard that these are the easiest fish to breed. Is this true and can they inbreed with other mollies?

J.E - 2010-09-04
How will I know if my silver molly is pregnant or if it's just a silver balloon molly?

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  • Peter - 2010-10-05
    The Gestation period of a Molly/live bearer is about 28 days so you should know by now if it needs the number for the CSA.
Kenny - 2010-09-25
My silver mollies and sailfin mollies will start swimming vertical like they are standing on there tail fin and shortly they die why is this and what can I do to stop this problem please some one help me thank you?

dale - 2009-12-07
I have 2 female dalmatian mollies, 2 male golden mollies and 2 black mollies (one male and a female). They share a 48inch tank with 4 danios, 10 swordtails, 7 angelfish, 8 gouramis, 2 plecos, 12 barbs and 9 tetras. These fish are very peaceful. They are fun to watch and they are also very easy to breed. I would recommend them to anyone

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  • Christa - 2010-09-05
    I am just setting up 1.2 x .3 x .3 tank, I so far have tetras, danios, guppies, neons and shubukin can you please tell me what ph level do you work with, with the range of fish you are keeping?
northy - 2010-08-20
I bought 3 mollies, a dalmatian male, a gold female and a silver female. First the silver female passed away, then the dalmatian male. Why, I do not know. The gold female is doing well, and has now produced her 2nd batch of babies. They are 2 weeks old, and it looks as though the gold female is pregnant again! My question is, How long will she continue to produce fry, with no male in the tank?

Mikaela - 2010-08-17
I have an all male black molly and a female dalmation molly and they just had babies, so far we're up to 16 and the female is still fat. Should I be expecting more? And if so how many more?

Am - 2010-04-08
We have 3 female dalmatian mollies and a betta in a 10 Gallon. The larger of the dalmatians is extremely aggressive to the others, but seems to leave the betta alone. She never leaves the other two alone. Should I add a male or two? or what do you suggest to calm her down?

Wayne - 2010-04-01
I am new to keeping fish and have two Gold Mollies, two Danios, a catfish, 3 Plato's, 4 Gourami's, a Cherry Barb, 3 Neon Tetra's and 3 Glow Tetra's. My question is concerning the Mollies. I get the impression, though I have NO experience, that the female is pregnant. The male keeps nudging her under her large belly. Do I need to place her in a birthing cage to save the fry when they are born?

karen - 2010-03-13
Hello, my female black molly was hiding behind the air pump and all the other fish were going after her so I took her out and used the tank water in a gold fish bowl to put her in. When I stepped out of the room and came back low and behold there were little black babys everywhere, 43 of them! I saw her eat one and she was done. I put her back in the tank she's still hiding behind the air pump why is she hiding from the male? Because he's big and always chasing her. I have 2 white molliess the female is getting really round. What should I watch for when she is ready? I have a prago sunburst platy she can barely swim she's so round and very dark back end. How will I know when to get her out to save the babies? I have a very nice big nursery netted full of very tiny black molly babies atm.

arrynyo - 2009-11-19
im thinking about buying some mollies for my tank, but i need to know how to sex them. i want to get the black mollies because they look the coolest but i cant for the life of me find out which sex is which since they are so small! i want to know how to tell the difference between male and female and also if somebody can send me some pictures pointing out the difference between male/female mollies. i have all the other care info i need and the equipment i just need to know how to tell who is who before i go out and buy them. if anybody has this info-pictures email me at ill appreciate it very much.