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   The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millionsfish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish every exactly alike. Guppies are an all time favorite of both beginners and experienced fish keepers!
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Raul Zabaleta - 2006-05-26
I am working with several guppies to isolate and breed certain colors.
These fish are very hardy and are also good for ponds.

J - 2006-05-08
This is a great fish to have in a community tank without fin-nippers.
Our female is pregnant and we are expecting babies soon.

MJ - 2006-04-01
Guppies are a great species to breed and care for. When adding new fish to your tank turn off the lights for about 4 to 6 hrs so the new ones can adjust to their new surroundings while everyone is in a quite state. This really seems to help when adding different species to your community tank. If you want your fry to survive, I recommend not having fish larger then the guppies in the tank, especially Bettas since they are carnivores and love to chase and eat live prey or make sure you have an automatic brine shrimp feeder in your tank. Otherwise, I have never had a problem w/ having a Betta in my guppy tank. DO NOT get Chineese Algea Eaters! They are nasty fish that like to attach themselves to your slow graceful moving fish and suck off the slim coat, leaving big "hickies" and killing your fish. Guppies do best w/ cory type catfish and plecos. If you get a Pleco be prepared for it to get large depending on the type you get. Good Luck and enjoy this awesome hobby...but be forwarned, it can take over your house because it is addictive!!!

Jessica C - 2006-02-04
Guppies are extremely easy to keep,but be sure not to feed them to much or they will die from eating too much (once i accidently let too much feed get into the tank) if you introduce new fish to the tank make sure that they get a equal share of food as guppies tend to eat extremely fast. Although they are good community fish, they will occassionally team up and start to peck at newcomers, they managed to frighten my dwarf gouramis (who is thrice as big as them) and constantly kept my chinese papua (did i spell that right?) loach on the move, after a while they left them alone. Come up with a way to feed newcomers should the guppies eat all the food, eg. my gouramis couldn't eat anything, since my gouramis couldn't get any food, and my guppies were use to eating from the surface, i sank some feed into the tank letting the gouramis feed.

Melody - 2006-02-01
We have a powder blue guppie, very pretty fish, and we added 2 black moor's to the tank. We were told by the person working in the fish department that they could co-habitate . . . well . . . guess what didn't happen. That little tiny guppie killed one of our new black moor's. So . . . they aren't that community friendly. Just be careful what you put together in your tank.

Gladys Rydbom - 2006-01-22
I LOVE GUPPIES and have 7 aquariums full of them. Today I am setting up a 55 gal. aquarium so I will have room for more babies! I now have beautiful blues of all types also fantastic orange ones with black bodies and baby blue top and bottom fins that are so pretty. Guppies are fun to breed as you can come up with many different colors and you can,with their help, create a new line of your own. I used to sell them to pet shops and might do it again. This is a fun hobby for people of any age and I highly recommend it.

tashfiqfarjad - 2006-01-21
hi im tashfiq. I have 12 guppies. I got some from my friend. They breed in 3 weeks. be careful, guppies will eat there fry. u will want to have double the females then males if u want them to breed. remember they produce live babies. And they rock

Sam Woodward - 2006-01-20
i have a ten gallon tank for breeding guppies. although they say they will eat small fry, i never take out the babies and i still have lots, to many anyway. the only fish in there that has ever eaten a baby was a sword tail that died. but its offspring are still alive today, and breeding. but i must admit that the guppies are not big, maybe an inch or so, including the fin.

ttashfiq - 2005-12-24
Hello I just got 8 free guppies that are adults from a neighbor and the guppies rock. Guppies rock.

mikki - 2005-12-20
i have kept guppies for about three years. often i would find my tank crowded and would give them away to friends. i have found that aquarium salt helps. and if you do it right you can transition your guppies to a salt water tank. they don't breed as well in salt water.