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   The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millionsfish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish every exactly alike. Guppies are an all time favorite of both beginners and experienced fish keepers!
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chris - 2007-03-10
My female gave birth and that was the greatest day. I had to remove her so the little ones could live. That was the first time one of my females gave birth. I was so happy. THE GREATEST...

Jessica Young - 2007-01-20
These fish are adoreable. For a while i just had one female but today i bought 2 males and another female. She was intriged by one of the males as soon as i floated the bag in the tank!

Reed - 2007-01-20
I have a colony of Guppies in my fish tank right now. all the females are pregnant but I was going to get another bigger tank and might put in oscars and other aggresive fish into the smaller one. but if you breed fish I would recommend getting a smaller tank maybe 1-5 gallons depending on size of baby. but should get one and whenever the babies are born the put them in the small tank until they are big enough to go back. separate baby's and adult's immediatly or they will get eaten, so Seperate immediatly! (with live bearers)

fam600 - 2007-01-15
These fishes are so cute, especially when you watch them pick at the java fern plant and decor. When i first bought them for my 5.5 gallon tank they were scared as heck. They would swim away at he sight of my hand anywhere near the aquarium, but now two weeks later i can put my finger in the tank and they don't swim away-i can push them around:)

Had 7, one died which was sickly when i bought them, he would not swim around. Now I'm left with 1 female and 5 males that don't seem to want to get her pregnant.

Love feeding them. i give them betta pellets, tropical fish pellets, and tetra flakes-they love them all. They spend most of their time near the surface and when i feed them i usually crush the pellets with a plier or make the flakes smaller so they can get it into their small mouths. After feeding them they'll start to swim near the bottom as if looking for any uneaten food.

Heather - 2007-01-06
I am a first time fish tank "haver" I got guppys and I love them! I am going to breed them, it will be so much fun!

Brian - 2006-11-27
I love my guppies! They're adorable little guys. And they breed like crazy. I have 3 females and 3 males, and I constantly have new fry in the eank. So far I have not seen any of them being eaten or chased by the others.
They're also well trained. Everytime I come into the room, they all come up and watch me. Very adorable fish!

michelle - 2006-11-13
I love guppies! I think they are beautiful graceful fish. I have 6 right now and none of them have the same coloring. I just wish I could figure out how to keep them alive long enough to breed them. I have tried water changes, different food, eliminating other fish that may be antagonizing the guppies. I think I am destined to fail in this endeavor. I'm tired of killing fish. My friend laughs at me and says She has never known anyone who has so much trouble with her tank. We'll see how long the 6 guppies survive. Maybe this time will be different. If not, I'll just stick to the catfish and pleco.

corey - 2006-09-01
Have and have had many, many guppies. They do chase and eat their own fry. So once they've breed the young either need to be separated or have an abundant amount of ambient plant life to hide in. They are fin nippers, however mine are in a tank with a Jack Dempsey. He usually doesnt eat the adult guppies, but if they gang up on him, he quickly ends the fued. The Jack has literally bitten heads off adult guppies thats tried to fin nip him. Guppies are very colorful and very active fish. Easy to maintain, although they do get disease easy if tanks are not well balanced. Guppies in my area are a dime a dozen so its no real biggy if one out of every 5 die.

roweb - 2006-07-12
Once upon a time, I loved guppies. After quite a number of them died because of their genetically inferior stock (like those Dwarf Gouramis) due to overly selective breeding and other factors, I stopped buying them completely. In fact, the store where I originally bought them agreed with my findings because they, too, are tired of scooping out the dead ones - no major store names given. Where I live, a Fancy Guppy is $3. I am hoping now that their babies would produce a stronger line. It does make me wonder what kind of environment they were originally reared from, as in water condition and diet. A typical buyer has no means of knowing what these breeding farms are like.

As far as babies go, if you wish to breed guppies, do it soon, and separate the babies from the adults as soon as possible. They will eat them. Tropical fishes with big enough mouths to swallow them will no doubt hunt and digest them. Also, beware of big Mollies. Females especially are very aggressive and always hungry. Never combine Black Mollies with guppies and other tiny fishes. Balloon Mollies work with guppies, but they too have their own physical, skin problems. That's another long story.

If you want to have a peaceful tank with beautifully prestine inhabitants, do your homework. I'd hate to see a beautiful Cobra, Glass, Grass, etcetera guppies with chunks out of their tails because they will eventually die, sooner or later, due to infection. They are already handicapped to begin with.

If you wish to raise strong fishes, try Discus and Angel Fish; however, they are mean creatures. The strongest will always attack the weak. Always. This is a common trait of all Cichlids. Have enough room for them if you wish to spend a lot of money per Discus, as in 100 gallons or more with lots of hinding places. Discus maybe beautiful, but the weaklings sure hide a lot, which is a drag in the end.

Goldfish, therefore, is your best bet, if they don't have any kinds of skin disease like ich, for instance. But boy, they sure are messy.

Robert - 2006-06-30
i like this website, i have a guppy.