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   The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millionsfish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish every exactly alike. Guppies are an all time favorite of both beginners and experienced fish keepers!
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Kris - 2007-12-30
I'm new to the guppy business. I bought 5 guppies over a month ago and four died so i got 4 more, and then three died. So now I have only two, one from the first batch and one from the second. The day after I got my guppies I had six babies in the tank so we caught them and put them in a rose bowl until we could get a breeding net. After we got the next four fish we had 15 babies in the breeder net and then 5 died. Then one of the fish had 20+ babies about a month after I got her so now I have 22+ babies and 2 adults. I have no adult males. The 2 feamles are due in three days and the other in three weeks. I have six 6 week old, four 4 week old, and 20+ 1 week old babies. If you buy female guppies from the pet store they are usually pregnant.

Kate - 2007-11-18
I have 2 male guppies. 1 yellow cobra and 1 red tuxedo. I am hoping to breed them in the future because they are so lovely. The males can nip each other, but it ends up fine. I recommend them.

Nicky Sanders - 2007-08-20
i just bought 6 guppies (3 males, 3 females) and 5 Danios and they are living in a 20 gallon tank. They seem to be getting along great. The funny thing is, one of my female guppies seems to think shes a danio. She chases them around all day and they chase her around too. She doesnt seem to pay any attention to her male companion so he's been trying to get with the other two females, even though they arent the same type. Another thing is that I have a tank that has a sort of mirror at the side and the males actually seem like they are admiring themselves in the mirror. I love it! They are very beautiful fish and i hope to get more if these ones live long. thanks for the wonderful site!

Josh Famigletti - 2007-07-13
i had about 10 guppies (3 male, 7 female) but now i have about 40. i dont have to separate the fry from the adults because i took 1 month training them not to eat their fry and now i came back from vacation and one of my new guppies gave birth for the first time, so there are 3 babies. i started up a 5 gallon and put my dominant female and male in it with the 3 new fry just to prove so many websites wrong, and the fry were actually chasing the big ones. It was hilarious.

Grace - 2007-07-08
Hi, I just bought 2 female guppies (I wanted to breed them with a male but my dad said no!). I might breed them, but odds are if the females and males aren't separated with a divider of some kind, they will have several litters-most litters being 20-60 fry. I do not reccomend having them together. What I plan on doing is putting a divider between the male and females, because if you do this, you can control when and whether or not they breed. This way you won't have an overcrowded tank. If you do however want to breed, never buy 1 female and 1 male or 2 males and 1 female! The female will get stressed out by the others chasing her, and eventually won't breed and will die. Try buying 2-3 females and one male for a starter. But be sure that when your female has it's babies, you remove the fry immediately!

guppy lover - 2007-07-06
I started breeding guppies about a year ago and so far i have three tanks, but one's not working right now and i need to get rid of some guppies. Some of my baby guppies are getting my adult guppy female pregnant! I cant solve my problem right now, because I don't have more than two people to give them away to.

anon - 2007-07-04
I have owned many guppies for a couple of years. I'm not sure exactly how many because they sort of populated themselves without any help. Maybe around 50 at the most.

Not all guppies eat their fry. It's hard to tell in a community tank because other guppies or other fish may have been the killers, but if you separate the soon-to-be mothers, you'll find that some of them aren't baby killers. There also seems to be a higher fry count in a tank that's less populated. Either they choose not to eat their fry or there are simply less mouths present.

charles pickin - 2007-04-19
Hi There, Im quite new to fish keeping and have 18 guppys and 50 other fish in a 7ft tank which is fantastic to watch for several hours. Loads of plants and hiding places. Ive seen 5 baby guppys yesterday but today ive seen at least 30, so ive been out and bought a small tank for them and put them in. After 4 hours of catching them i counted 45, and now i think my platys are pregnant too...

Jessica Young - 2007-03-26
hi today my pregnant female guppy (elizabeth) died due to complications during birth, not one fry lived. it was very sad. we squeezed out all the fry and checked. about 40 fry died. we put her in a breeding trap but that stressed her so much they all died.

Jacob Gomez - 2007-03-17
I have 6 guppies and 2 of them are babies. The 2 babies name`s are
Bla bla and Naner. (I know, weird names.)The rest of my guppies are
adults, and their names are Blackberry, Orange, Painting, and Lightning.
My guppies are with my female betta Pleasant and a Zebra Danio named Stripey-stripe. At nightime I see them on the bottom of their
10 gallon sleeping, it`s so cute! My guppies are fine and I hope it stays that way, so I keep their tank clean and I keep them healthy.