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   The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millionsfish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish every exactly alike. Guppies are an all time favorite of both beginners and experienced fish keepers!
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fish bandit - 2013-11-03
Why isn't there much about endlers on this site? They are colorful live bearers like guppies and mollies... anyway does anyone raise/breed freshwater shrimp? They are great in a tank with some otos, endlers, and some guppies.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    Glad you asked as we have the Endler Guppie in the que for adding. Hopefully we'll get it live soon, so keep an eye out:) I also would like to know of anyone who raises freshwater shrimp, so look forward to some info on that.
Anonymous - 2012-08-14
Can a cross between a guppy (female)and a molly (male) be made as I have a single guppy in my tank I thought to get 2 male mollys as my female guppy is large and allmost size of the molly males

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Anonymous - 2013-08-02
This is gonna sound kinda funny but my guppy is fat. It's a male so not prego for sure but I have another and it is waaaay slimmer than this one. They are both the same size in length but the others girth is far larger. And they eat the same amount whenever I am there. This isn't a new occurrence, it has always been like this and it seems healthy but it is almost annoying at this point. Does anyone else have an overweight guppy that can't shed the pounds?

lindsey - 2013-05-27
not really a story but question. please help my guppy has been behaving vey strange lately. it seems he is getting tired, one minute he swimming around and the next he is resting at the bottom of the tank, I mean like laying there. he is stilling sitting straight and using his fins but he is literally touching the gravel. please help me

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-28
    Without knowing the tank size, type of filtration, how long the tank's  been set up, and the tankmates, its difficult to know what's happening. The usual reason for fish to have problems is water quality, followed by tankmate aggression. If you've determined there are not problems with tankmates, then the first thing to do is see if the filtration is working properly. Then check for ammonia with a test kit to determine if there are problems with the water quality.  A partial water change is usually needed.
kye turnbull - 2013-05-15
I love guppies, I bred my own quadruple sword tale half black dwarf, with a few spots of red!

Clarice Brough - 2011-09-12
I saw some awesome fancy male guppies yesterday. They are so colorful, I want to buy some, but I have a pretty established tank with Giant Danios. They are fast swimmers and I know they can be pretty aggressive, so not sure I want to risk these beautiful little fish in there, but they sure are pretty!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-12
    You can always set up another tank.....just thought I'd mention that
Brett Mason - 2011-07-08
Can you keep both sexes together and if so should you have the same amount of each sex to stop anxiety.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    Yes, you can keep both the males and females in the same tank. You can easily tell the sex of the fancy guppie and I would think it would be nice to have an eaual number of each.
  • Gen - 2011-09-03
    Your males should out number your females 2 to 1
  • mike v - 2011-09-06
    You can keep males and females in the same tank. they should be 2 females to 1 male so the male does not pester the nerves out of female. The only problem (for non breeders) with combining the sexes with guppies is you will have babies. Guppies are live bearers and multiply often. If you don't want babies you should only keep one sex.
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-12
    You can keep them together, just be ready for lots of babies. Not sure on the balance, but in general having more female fish tends to spread a males attention around so any one female doesn't get overstressed.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-11
    have either the same amount of each sex or more females
Roland Tan Sabañico - 2013-01-19
Do guppies eat algae??

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-19
    No, not usually. They will eat just about anything (flake, pellets) else you offer them though.
  • Roland Tan Sabañico - 2013-01-20
    aah. ok. Is it ok to have janitor algae fish with guppies and baby guppies?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-20
    They will nibble at algae.  If you algae eater is small and well fed it shouldn't be an issue with the babies.  Snails do a good job on algae in a guppy tank.
  • Roland Tan Sabañico - 2013-01-27
    Aah. Can you tell me what kind of snail? Actually, i really don't know about snails?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-27
    Just about any snail will do.  Be careful with ramhorns, they will infest your tank.
  • Roland Tan Sabañico - 2013-01-28
    ok. Aside from snails, does algae eater shrimps are compatible with guppies?
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-11
    mine eat any algae they see but not all do
kye turnbull - 2013-05-09
My guppies won't stop breeding, soon the tank will be completely filled with guppies! I mean the babies are beautiful but 1000000000 guppies is not!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-09
    I bet your local fish store would take any extra Guppies you have.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-11
    the prob is they are all midgets, the males only grow to a centimeter and they got sick after taking a 10 minute drive (i live on the mountain about 45 minutes away from any pet shops).
Roland Tan Sabañico - 2013-02-07
How to put salt in guppy aquarium??

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  • Clarissa - 2013-03-16
    You can buy salt at most petstores , Walmart too. Once you get it there are instructions on the back. A good brand is API.