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Samantha Jakobson - 2008-06-01
I think guppies are so pretty! I started out with only 10 fish. All died but 2 or 3. Now I have about 50. They produce very very quickly so don't buy more them maybe 10. Even some of the young are pregnant.

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Jerie - 2008-05-19
You should always have at least 2 females for each male. I like to actually keep 3 for each male just to keep them happy. The males will end up "fighting" over the females and you will end up with unhappy/dead fish. When I get too many males being born or just too many babies I bring them to my local pet store....they are happy to add them to their aquariums:)

Emily Johnson - 2008-05-12
I started out with two male platys, two female platys and two female swordtails. I now have more than fifty babies and three of my females are pregnant YET AGAIN! I recently bought a 14-gallon tank to house some of the babies I want to keep and I plan on going to Craig's List and giving away the rest of the babies. I cannot believe how easy they are to take care of, and really, how easily they breed! My swordtails are a little reluctant to mate with the male platys, but they're pregnant again, despite their reluctance! Very easy to care for - just be sure to make plans on how to deal with all the babies!

kathy - 2008-04-11
I got my first platy. I love the platies, and it's a male. He's kinda pinksh white with black spots. In time, I plan on getting more platies.

Alwyn - 2008-03-23
I brought home 5 platys three months ago. Three of them were males. Within a month, the two females had thirty babies between them! My kids enjoyed watching the process from pregnancy, to a full tank of small fish. I must mention, to have success with breeding platys, plants are not enough. The babies must be separated so that they are not eaten, especially if you have other fish in the tank. The babies seem to not swim away from predators for the first little while after birth.

highlights99 - 2008-03-19
Um... my family and I recently bought a tank (tropical) and we have 1 male and two female platies, two baby ones, and three male guppies! We are hoping to get more but since we have only had the tank for five days yet, and two have ALREADY been born, I think we'll leave it at that for the moment!

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kathy - 2008-02-06
I got a Balloon Molly and a Black Molly. The Balloon Molly is a female, so I named her Molly. The Black Molly is a male, so I named him Blackie. I hope they have babies. That would be cool! I'll wait and see.

Brittney - 2008-01-31
My molly only had 6 babies!

Quinntan - 2008-01-28
I had a molly and he or she would always get the food first and guard it all for itself. One day I brought home a shrimp and put in the tank, the next week it was gone so I just bought another. But the next week it was gone too. Then I found out it was the molly. These are really good fish.

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Ernie - 2008-01-27
I started with 2 swordfish, they are green with a red line down the side. The male has a beautiful long light green tail with a black edge all around. They have mated many times. The male doing that dance he does going forward then backing up to the female. They have had fry about 4 times since I've had them. Almost all have lived and I leave the babies within the tank with all the other fish and they have all made it by hiding in the plants and rocks. Also, some of the bigger fish have gotten use to seeing the fry around. I feed all of them 2 times a day. So just let them be and they will take over the tank in no time. I keep the water temperature at about 80 degrees. The only thing is it seems like all the fry are females, some are 1 inch long and I don't see any swords yet. I guess I'm stuck with 100 females and a male. Lucky fish.


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