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The Snakeskin Gourami is known as the most peaceful and the most prolific of all the gourami species!
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NO FISHIN AROUND - 2009-09-19
I have a 2 foot long snakeskin gourami, about 50 pounds, very large. He eats pellets, goldfish, white mice, pretty much anything. He also lives with a wolfish about a foot long, all in a 350 gallon tank. I truly sit back and enjoy my tank a lot, it's relaxing.

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-10-18
    That is a very intriguing pet to have in your home!
  • Ashraf - 2011-11-10
    Snakeskin gouramis don't grow to 2 feet. Giant gouramis do.
  • chris - 2011-11-29
    Sounds like you have a nice big Giant Gourami, not a snakeskin
Revli - 2008-01-18
I have kept 3 of the snakeskin gouramis. It is so beautiful indeed. One of the things I like most from this gourami is that they can watch themselves greatly. I mixed them in my aquarium with an electric yellow cichild (lemon), electric blue cichild, red zebra, flame dwarf gourami, and I even mixed them with a fire belly salamender.

Adam - 2010-02-03
I read a comment about the snake skin chasing the pearl gourami. Not always the case I keep 5 snake skins 3 adult and 2 babies. With 3 adult pearl gouramis and they get along just fine I don't think they even take notice to them. It is a great community tank with mates such as, spotted raphael catfish, bumble bee catfish, mickey mouse plattys, black skirt tetra, and two shubunkin goldfish in a 30 gallon long tank . I don't think any of them have ever fought with one another. This just goes to show all you fish enthusiasts don't be afraid to try different community fish just be careful and pay attention the first few days to make sure all will be well. I have found introducing new fish while the tank light is off seems to help them and the other fish accept the new fish to the aquarium.

Andy - 2010-09-05
I bought two of these guys about 5 days ago, and they are absolutely incredible. They are about 4 inches and are very peaceful. I have them in a 40 gallon with a blood parrot, a redtail shark, an angelfish, 2 reedfish, and a bolivian ram. So far, I've had no problems with them and overall, they have been a great addition to my tank.

fish man - 2008-05-14
Gourami's will stress out cichlids and are not ideal for keeping with aggressive fish. Don't keep too many fish in a small tank. Remember, these fish can grow to EIGHT INCHES, and should be kept in large aquariums!

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  • Eli - 2011-03-29
    Could I put a snakeskin gourami in my tank with an oscar and another gold gourami?
joe - 2008-05-14
I owned two Snakeskin Gouramis and one of them got sick. Half of its body started turning a darker color wHich some said was spawning, but within two weeks he died. I tried to treat him with pimafix but I don't think it was bacterial. I shared this so it doesn't happen to you, or if it does you can find a better cure! But these are a beautiful species and I have kept many species of gouramis.

daniel - 2006-05-16
Snakeskin Gourami's add a "reptilian" grace to any aquarium. My girlfriend and I have recently purchased one and despite being in an aquarium (29 Gallons) with a load of other fish (Rosy Red's, Goldfish, Pleco's, Guppies and a few other Gourami's (Neon Blue, Opaline, 2 Pink Kissers, Gold, and one that has a blue dorsal and red body) and 2 Sail Fin Mollies, he/she is relatively peaceful with all of them, only going at the Gold or Opaline a few times now and then in a "mock" establishment of dominance.

ME - 2005-10-29
i have kept snakeskin gouramis with keyhole and curvicep cichlids, anomolochromis thomisis, african catfish, ctenopomas, and goldfish with out them getting in a fight.

dragon master - 2005-02-22
i think that the fish is very beautful... thay are also my favorite because of there snake skin, how its a beautiful glossy silver.

James - 2005-01-01
I keep my snakeskin gourami in a large community tank filled with congo tetras, scissortails, corydoras cats and kribs. She gets on very well with everyone, though she occasionally picks fights with the male congo tetras and the kribs, but has never won despite being much bigger than every fish in the tank. One problem i did have with her was that she would kill any pearl gouramis i put in the tank, there was loads of plants and other places to hide, but she would seek out the pearl gouramis and chase them non-stop until they were dead.
Two things i like most about the snakeskin gourami is that they grow big, (but not so big that you need a huge tank, like the 2ft giant gourami)and also that not many people seem to have them. Most of the fishkeepers i know had not seen or heard of them, and they are not in many books.