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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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Chamonix McCarthy - 2010-10-03
Hi, my name is Chamonix. Not so long ago I got a male Siamese fighter and decided to breed with them. I watched a documentary about them. My betta's name is Chaming. I got a female too her name is Jasemen. Chaming is blue with a little red and green in, and Jasemen is red with a little white. Now I just started and I am not sure that I know much about them. I know about the white mark on the female that says she is ready. So I put my male Chaming with her. My female look's interested but my male doesn't he's not making a bubble nest or even trying to seduce her. And like I said I don't know much about them (like how much fry can one pair have? Why isn't my male doing anything? What kind of sicknesses are there? And how can I get my male Chaming to start making a nest?)So those of you that know's these things, could you just give me tips and help.

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  • Elizabeth A. Sheely - 2010-10-13
    I am a betta fish lover. I have almost bred them but is very difficult. Read books and go to online sites. Research research research bc they are the second hardest to breed (sharks being first) you must have the nest and you must allow the males to get to know the female... males make the nest during storms rain or snow they are pretty well into the weather umm... my male named firestarter only liked females that were similar colors.. use one male... get a couple females he will let you know which one he likes best the females can be kept together umm it's not easy but it's worth it keep trying and you can contact me via facebook if you have any questions I love animals but es. betta they have the coolest personalities and I hate when I see them in little bowls... no one wants to live in a small house! Best of luck.
cindy - 2010-02-22
Our fish is now missing his tail fin. It would appear that one of the other fish in the tank has nibbled it away. Can he regrow it? I have temporarily removed him from the tank.

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  • Buddy - 2010-07-13
    Yes he will regrow it leave him by himself.
luqmanul hakim - 2010-06-05
In last 4 years till now I've been breeding the famous Siamese fighting fishes
I've thinking if the fry are hatched and guarded by the male and then after 5 days the male is moved to another places. The question is what kind of foods that increase in fish grows?
Besides that I've also have 3 big Siamese fighting fishes, humugousaur is the first male siamese fighting fish, he've been my pet for 4 years, big chill is the yellowish betta's, as the second, and the last, is horus a red black colored betta he is the most aggressive pet that I've ever had.

Nicole - 2010-03-20
I've had my Betta for two years now, but from what I know, they are usually sold at one year or older, so I'm assuming my male Betta is three. He has long fins on top and on the bottom of his body that are a sort of metallic purple streaked with a kind of magenta. He has small purple fins on the sides and his scales are light pink with a few purple ones. His name is Aragon, because of my favorite book, Eragon. He has lived longer than I thought he would, outlasting my brother's fish who lived for six months after he received his blue Betta. I've just kept him in small tank that holds just about one or two gallons of water I think. I feed him three pellets a day, and he still lives! He doesn't require much care, other than cleaning his tank once every two weeks. He is good for beginners, him being my first fish.

newfish in the tank - 2009-03-18
Hi! I just bought a crown tailed fighting fish. It is terribly depressed. when i looked for help i got a bit confused because some say they need 5+ gallon/20L tanks though other sight say that they prefer smaller tanks? Can some one who has had this problem please tell me what they did when this happened to them? Thx

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  • Brianna - 2010-02-25
    Bettas do great in bigger tanks. 5+. The bare minimum is 3 gallons. Most petstores hire undereducated employees and they say they like smaller spaces. They are said to be 'puddle fish' when they love to swim. They become depressed in a smaller tank. Remember when you bought him in that little plastic cup? How he just sat there on the bottom with his fins down. That's a depressed fishy. My betta Abstract is over 7 and has been moved to a 120+ tank with a few other fish. He is living happily.
  • PJ - 2010-03-18
    Dear "newfish in the tank",
    When you first buy bettas they tend to be either curious or deppressed but aftter a couple of days they will calm down.Also, admire him from a distance.I suggest you stick with a 5 gallon tank or keep it in a bowl. Spaking from experience of breeding and keeping them for a long time.

Collin - 2009-12-02
I have hade my betta fish for 2 years and about 3 months. He lives in a 2 gallon container and is curently OK. I named him Purple (cuz he is purple.) and just yesturday I saw my betta very pale. I cleaned out his container and kept him in the sink. I cried (he means alot to me). Curently he is healing and I hope he will be as healthy as he has been these last 2 years!

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  • sharon - 2010-02-20
    Is purple still alive?
The Fish Guy - 2010-01-15
Housing your betta can be a a little confusing for most starters. A common rumour has been passed around about bettas. It's said that bettas can live happily in a 1 gallon or less bowl with no filtration, no heating and low maintenance. This, like most rumours, is false. Bettas need at least 2.5 gallons of filtered, heated water. However, I personally believe bettas need at least a 5 gallon tank. Keep your betta tank clean by doing 20 - 30 % weekly water changes.

Bettas will eat a variety of foods you give them, including frozen blood worms, live blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, frozen beef heart, live blood worms and more. Flakes and pellets can be offered, but this is probably the worst thing to give your betta. Flakes and pellets are too processed for a betta. Also, some people feed their bettas peas. Do not do this, peas are not natural for a betta. Bettas are carnivores, feeding them vegetables could cause health problems. Live mosquito larvae and mosquitos themselves are also a great food source for bettas, along with other small insects and very small earth worms.

jeff - 2010-01-06
i have just bought a female betta i have a male in a 40 litre tank,can they go together ,and the one thing i cant find on thge net is a clear picture of the egg tube,how visible is it..My son is the actual owner and he is keen to breed them any help would be greatly appreciated i can be emailed on

iliketk - 2009-10-07
I had my betta for 5 months! His light bulb went out so my dad bought a new one. My fish's name is Lu, he's like 2in. I feed him 3-4 pellets a day. I learned that they are carnivores! That's so cool. If u want to figure out more about them, then keep reading peoples comments. Good bye, u r welcome.

Leanne - 2009-10-05
I have a Beautiful betta fish named Neptune and he's different shades of blue. My sister has one too named Sundancer. He's red and purple. A week after she got sunny(his nickname) he started puffing. I had no idea what he was doing! But that's good for them. So now they are living happily ever after.