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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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Jamie - 2004-04-01
I have had bad luck with fish, but bettas are very hardy. Also they are not messy like goldfish. They have a lot of personality, (for a fish) and mine will even take food from my fingertips. I have had three--two females and a male. Now I am down to one. My male died of old age, and I lost a female in a cat related tragedy. If you look around you can get some very pretty females--mine is brilliant red. She lives in a five-gallon tank with a ghost shrimp. (Which by the way she gets along with fine once the novelty of "something-new-to-follow-around" wore off.) Ivan is quite right, just because they can live in a small container does not mean they should, they should have at least a gallon. In all these are great fish, definitely one of my favorites!

Emily - 2004-03-25
Actually, I have 2 male bettas and I either put a mirror next to their tanks or set their tanks next to each other. I have read on many different web sites that it is good for the betta to have company, even if it is just a mirror. But, my bettas are in a little tank, less that half gallon, and they have lived for a little over a year now. I have one betta, purple and yellow, that I named Spirit and the other ones name is Snuggles. I just thought that Snuggles was a cute name so I named him that. I keep my bettas by them selves, with no other fish or snail in the tank. It is though, ideal to have a small snail in the tank with your betta to keep the tank clean. Some of you say that bettas are the best pets to have and I think that is 100% true. They are so easy to take care of! DO NOT PUT TWO MALES IN THE SAME TANK UNLESS YOU HAVE A DIVIDER BETWEEN THEM! Females you can put together. And Wal-Mart, finally, is starting to carry larger cups for their bettas. I have heard that a male and a female betta should not be put together until they are ready to be bred. The male will attack the females, other males, and the baby fish (fry). And again, a betta is the best starters fish.

Mayra V. - 2004-03-16
Hello, I also have a Male Betta, and just like my previous Betta he is in a 10 gallon tank with about 3-4 other fish. My previous Betta was in a tank with a silver dollar fish, an algae sucker, and a small gold fish. They all got along, while the Betta taunted the Dollar fish a few times, the Dollar fish did not allow himself to be bullied, and they both eventually got along. Now with my recent Betta, he lives with a chinese algae eater, a black moor, a ghost shrimp, and another fishy who I still have to identify. They all get along, the thing with a Betta is they are territorial, they tend to want space for themselves, a good cave or plant covering can supply that need in a 10 gallon or more tank with other fish as long as it is not crowded. So Bettas do get along with other fish, do not be fooled, especially by Walmart, whos employees ,who always seem so negative to begin with, tell you that you can not have a betta with other fish in the same tank. Space and a place to hide when they want to be antisocial is what the Betta wants. As long as you give them that, they should be alright. And remember to always research your fish.

jessica - 2004-03-09
I once thought that fish were boring, that all they do is swim around all day. Then this one day I was suprised when a friend gave me one, my first Siamese Fighting fish. After seeing the fish in the bowl I started to think that it was not that bad. then I began noticing that I had this urge to go home and see my new fish, the way his name is Dragon. I called him this because Dragon looks very mystical and mysterious, and he also reminds me of a Chinese Dragon.
Then I started to research him on the Internet and then I came across this website. I noticed that Dragon is alot like my hamsters and they seem to get along too. I enjoy my fish very much and I am glad that other people enjoy their fish too.

Jocelyn - 2004-03-06
I got my own Betta he is a green, blue and red he is very colorful I called him Merash I just liked that name

Blake Camilleri - 2003-12-14
I have one Betta fish and i think they are awesome.
They come in a lot of different colors and they are easy to look after.
The one i have is dark blue and i have named him dookie.
So any way if you are reading this and you want to get a pet the Betta pet fish would be a great pet for you.

Rob - 2003-10-14
I have two bettas (a male and female) and they are great starter fish, easy to take care of, all you need to do to keep them alive is feed them and clean their tank. I recommend getting them a 5 gallon tank or up because they tend to be depressed in smaller tanks. These fish in most cases are good comunity fish (exept if you have more than one male) and Id recommend them for tanks with tetras, small gouramis or other comunity fish.

Iv - 2003-08-27
Why do PETCO and PETSMART keep this fish in small cups? Isnt that bad for the poor fish? But agin males WILL fight, and there is not a lot of space in the store.
BUT, when YOU buy it keep it in a 1 gallon + container.
In a one gallon container their lifespan is 3-7 months, in a cup (just like in PETCO) its around 4-6 weeks, and in a 5 gallon or bigger aquarium thay can really display their fins and colors, and can live up to 3-4 YEARS!

Peregrine - 2003-08-19
I own eleven betta fish. They are truely my favorite
fish. Bettas are very responsive to people.
and sometimes can be tamed. Please dont keep them
in one of those side-by-side containers or anything
smaller then half a gallon. Its rather cruel and even
though people suggest it, the betta will suffer and not
live as long.

Marine - 2003-08-19
Hello, Bettas are probably my favorent fish.
I keep mine in large almost two gallon fish bowls which
recieve regular water changes. Bettas are very interesting
fish, each has its own personality. PLEASE never keep
bettas in anything less then half a gallon! Its a cruel
pratice though lots of people do it. Of course the best
home for a betta would truely be in a actual fish tank.
Ideal would be a five to ten gallon. Dont keep any fin
nippers with this species! :)