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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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Jennifer.M.S. - 2004-10-09
I am a huge fish lover and about a month ago i got my first betta. He is a beautiful red male with long fins. When i come into the room, my betta notices and starts swimming around happpily. Bettas are probably one of the best fish to have.They dont eat much, require not too much space and are beautiful!

Heather - 2004-09-15
I am the proud new owner of a handsome, vibrant red Betta. I have noticed that already he acknowledges who I am when I come in from being out of my room. I also noticed that Bettas make taking care of them very easy. Yesterday, my Betta stopped eating and swimming around. He basically sat in one spot near the surface. When he did move, he didn

Changjoon Song - 2004-09-07
this site is awesome. has good informations.... at least for me. i better come more often.

ps: betta fish rock!!!

larissa - 2004-08-24
To all betta lovers. today i bought two lovely females. I all ready have a male so i thought i would get them to breed. My male is probably the meanest fish in the world . He goes at any thing that enters his tank! He is so much fun to watch. The girls are more relaxed and do not fight at all. The betta fish are the only fish i have ever got a bond with. Its amazing my male fish only likes me. I read to him every night before i go to bed. When ever i say his name, jojo, he will swim around really fast in his tank. Believe it or not he jumps out of the water when i come over to his tank. I love jojo and he is one of the nicest fish i have ever meet.

Meghann - 2004-06-19
I am a huge animal lover and they seem to love me but fish and I never got along. I tried goldfish several times but they died within a few days. My brother gave me his 10 gallon tank when he went away but I had to give it to my mother because the fish were dying. My brother came back this year and got a male betta. He told me they were rather easy to maintain so I thought I would give it a try. I now have three bettas, red, white, and blue. They have lived in my room for three months in 1 gallon vases, with rocks and plants. I had been told that bettas are not very active but that is not true with mine. Mine are extremely active, in fact I hardly ever see them rest. My red betta loves to blow bubbles and the blue and white betta actually do syncronized swimming "monkey see monkey do." My brother tends to be jealous because his betta never does anything. If I can take care of bettas anyone can.

Samantha - 2004-05-28
I found out that female bettas can be colourful too. When i was breeding a pair, i saw and recognised the more colourful one as the female! It was a surprise for me and know i know that not only males can be colourful.

L. Niepert - 2004-05-23
I bought a male to replace one that died. My daughter was very upset over the whole situation. She made the mistake of thinking the cat would ignore her fish same as her first cat. I was attracted to a very battered red male (he is missing the top half of his tail fin and one eye is damaged). His name is Maximus (The Gladiator).He has brought me many hours of entertainment. He flares for the ladies and would kill the other male or die trying if he could only get to him! My daughter ended up going out and replacing her fish as none from here ever made it there. The cat went back to the pound.

narco - 2004-05-21
Fighting fish is a great breed for they are very entertaining in accordance to their looks, needs, strength, and great empowerment from themselves. i sometimes spend leisure time taking care of them and i see some of my friends made their fish fight for another mate in which we like and enjoy at all...

Heather W. - 2004-04-28
my pet betta is blue and his name is Cheechee. At first I thought he was a girl but I did some research & found out he was a girl! I think betta fish are awesome!!!

Stephanie Ferrera - 2004-04-23
I have a red male betta and he is one of the most beautiful fishes I have ever seen. I used to have a male with a blue body and his fins were different colors in different lights. My red one is very social around strange people, never hides, looks and wacthes things alot, and sleeps alot!