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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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Ian Ratterman - 2005-02-12
I loved my Betta, but he died a couple of days ago. I cried forever. His name was Sooner, because he was rad and was always so hyper and happy. He lived for two months. He was a Christmas present from my B.F.F

Delia - 2005-01-31
Hi Everyone! Bettas are my personal favorite and its so great to see other people that can appreciate the soul of these little creatures. Anyhoo, I just got my 5th Betta from a petstore 4 days ago. He was kept in dirty water with females who had nipped his fins to shreads. He also had large Anchor worms on his fins. Medications against parasites usually lower the fishes resistance to disease and sometimes dont even kill the parasites. I carefully removed the anchor worms with a tweezer and now have my new friend in an isolation tank (75 degrees, PH 7.0) treated with Melafix and stress coat, performing daily 100% water changes. He is already growing back his fins, swimming around happily, and his anchor worm wounds are healing up quick. Im thrilled at this turnaround and recommend melafix highly for the treatments of open wounds and fin growth :} Just thought I would share.

najmiey - 2005-01-11
I like my half moon betta. Pearl in colour and excellent when moving around the tank.

annonomous - 2005-01-09
The Betta is my personal favorite. I keep my bettas in one gallon aquariums. One thing you should know is that you should clean their tanks or jars every three days, especially if the tank is small.

Jennifer.M.S - 2005-01-07
I got my first betta a couple of months ago, and for christmas i got a tank with a divider. Yesterday I got another betta. He is a beautiful, blue with red bits on his fins. I called him Whinfred. I like watching them flare at each other. Bettas are a really good fish and if you want a fish get a betta.

Angela - 2004-12-27
i have a pretty blue and red betta fish. i wasnt really sure if i wanted a fish but my boyfriend talked me into it and i love it now. i am a huge animal lover i have a bettea fish and will be getting more fishes, i have a hamster and a black lab.

Rachel - 2004-12-24
This is a fun, easy to care for pet.

Jan - 2004-12-24
I recently got a beta...had not had one since I was a kid. The past couple of days I was trying to conserve oil while I was waiting for an oil delivery and I had the heat set at 55 degrees. I noticed my fish was not moving around like usual although he was still eating. My oil came today and I put the heat back up to 70 degrees and he perked right up. Then I realized that it was the cold that was bothering him. So I looked at some sites and I see that they prefer warmer water.

jaycee - 2004-12-17
I own a gorgeous multi-coloured male betta named Malachi (mal-ah-kai). He is my first betta and is very lovely with his red, blue, purple and green colours. Whenever I get home and go to his tank he will swim up and happily greet me. The very funny thing about Malachi is that whenever I hold up a mirror in front of him he never puffs up. The reason for the mirror technique was to make him think there is another male betta invading his territory, therefore tries to ward it off by puffing up (which is also good exercise for any betta). Recently I got Malachi a female companion named Hadassa so they may breed. She is a pearly white betta with yellow lining on her fins.

jason, 10 - 2004-10-20
I had a betta fish, he lived for 2 years in a small tank then, i trained it to jump. And I bred them. My male is red and the female is blue. the babies are blue, red, and mud color. i fed them frozen brine shrimp