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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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victoria - 2005-06-12
Hello there. Betta Fish are one of my favorite fish.This site helped a lot with my question regarding the lifespan of Betta Fish. i have had my betta Kalan for 7 months and it's really neat to learn different facts about bettas online. Kalan is Greenish Blueish and reading this information it tells me that he is a male.
Well thats all for Now, Bye and Thanks!

Victoria W. June.12/05

jen - 2005-06-09
Betta Splendens are one of the best pets I think one can have. They are inexpensive, readily available, and they don't ask for much from the owner except for good clean water and a good diet (they go crazy for blood worms and brine shrimp; freeze-dried versions of these foods are great since they last long and don't carry parasites like frozen versions risk carrying). All betta owners can agree that they are lovable for their beauty, but most of all for their personality! Each are unique in their own way and each carry their own unique temperaments. While they can't do tricks like dogs, I think they are very much like them except that they live in tanks. They have big personalities (especially when they flare :) ). they tell you that they're happy with their bubble nests, and are happy to see you. I would recommend Bettas for everyone.

talisha - 2005-06-07
these fish are very cool and funny and there one of my favourite pets (my favourite fish).

Charlotte Hauschild - 2005-05-11
I was thrilled to read the comment from Kenneth on 4-25-05 about him putting his two male Betta's together in a 29 gallon tank and they became best friends. I too have two gorgeous royal blue males (I think) and am tired of having separate tanks so tomorrow I will try and combine them in my 45 gal tank wish me luck. Charlotte 5-11-05

will mccombe - 2005-04-26
they are truly beautiful. i have a deep purple one. the problem is though, he attacks my female, though there has been no eggs.

Kenneth Luster - 2005-04-25
I know everything says you cannot keep two males together but, I have 2 males in a 29 gallon tank, and yes they sort of flared at each other for a little bit but, I kept an eye on them because I would have taken one out if they had of gotten mean toward each other. They just lost interest in the flaring up and are best buddies in the tank and they will be side by side and eat and swim together and there are no fights yet. This may not be in all cases but is working for me. I have another in a 15 gallon aquarium that is just too lazy...he just sleeps in the weeds in the top part of the aquarium.

Anonymous - 2005-04-13
I just recently got my first betta is so cool! Every time i come into the room and put on my light it swims around all fast and gets really excited. Once i got him home he was eventually transfered into a big fish bowl and was very excited and would swim non-stop around the bowl. I would recommend this fish to anyone.

Alora - 2005-04-02
Thanks for sharing your betta information!!! It has helped me out when raising my bettas...I have 4 males and 2 females. From Alora

Jade - 2005-02-20
Bettas are one of my favorite fish!! I am a huge animal lover, especially fish! I have a 30 gallon goldfish aquarium, and 2 one gallon betta tanks. The tanks have a clear divider in the middle, so you can have one one each side and watch them flare and freak out when they see each other!! I named them all from song lyrics/titles from my favorite band, Aerosmith. I have two blue ones(Baby Blue, Beelzebub), a white one with red fins(Kitty), and a purple one(Sweet Emotion). They are very easy to take care of, and they get so excited when I come into the room! I reccomend bettas to anybody who is a beginner and for any fish or animal lover out there!!

Skylar - 2005-02-19
I got my first betta about a year ago, i got two more over the summer. I got a bigger tank with dividers to keep them seperate. About 3 days ago my first fish died, probably because he was in a tank next to other fish and was attacking. Bettas are cool and are fun to have.