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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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Amber - 2006-03-28
Be forewarned-Bettas will charge any fish with the right colour combination. It doesn't actually take very much to convince them that there is another Betta in the tank. They are particularly well-known for attacking (and, yes, killing) dwarf gourami and paradise fish. My betta, Simon, used to chase our neon tetras when they were schooling tightly (of course, they just scattered in every direction, which confused him senseless). Be careful!

Amanda - 2006-02-17
Bettas are very smart fish if cared for the correct way! If your fish is at the bottom of his tank fins clamped to him looking ill you may want to invest in a heating pad! 25 watt for anything smaller than 5 gallons! They are still TROPICAL FISH! They are not hardy goldfish! Also beware sharp items in the tank you don't want to shred the fins! Bettas are the best fish because they interact with you and have a personality! For example my fish Sharkbait gives me looks like you think Im going to eat that or he wiggles around for food. He also nuzzles around for left over food! if your fish seems board try putting a mirror in he will have fun flaring at himself! Dont do this for the whole day or you will tire him out when you take the mirror out he feels he has scarred away the intruder!! Oh and some fish get way stressed out by this so watch you fish for sighns of unhappiness! remember keep your fish stimulated you would want to do something new sometimes!

erin gilmer - 2006-02-16
I think betta fish are really cool!

Igor - 2006-01-31
This is the best fish ever, I had all different kinds of fish but no fish is good as betta. This is to betta lovers. I have 10 bettas in a 20 gallon tank. 5 females and yes 5 males. Secret is keep large number of bettas in a small tank to keep them from fighting. First time when I put them together when I did experiment they were chasing and fighting but not for long because there are 5 males and there is not enough space for them to claim as their territory. They dont fight anymore only flare at each other when they pass by. I got this idea from the local pet shop where they kept 10 male bettas in a 10 gallon aquarium. Yes this is a risk but if it works you will be enjoying your hobby.

steve - 2006-01-26
Best fish ever. I have a blue male and two females. they get along pretty good except sometimes male would chase one of the females. I keep them in a 20 gallon tank. I am thinking of adding another male.

Aelita - 2006-01-22
I love my betta! He is red, blue, and green, and so cute! I have had him for about 6 months and he is doing great, but soon Choi, my fish's name, will have a play mate named Gilligan. He is a sucker fish. hope they dont fight!^-^

Devon - 2006-01-15
I just bought my own two Betta fish. One male and female. They were great together after i bought them. But when i put them both together in the same aquarium. They bit each other's fin! But they're okay. my male has a beautiful mixed blue and red color body.(that makes it a bit like purple) His tail has a wonderful bright blue. My female has a good light blue body and the tail a tear on the tail! I love them!!

Jerry - 2006-01-06
i got my first betta two days ago and he is so cool! i called him "howard" for no particular reason and hes red and the best fish in my tank by far. i would advise anyone to get a siamese fighter because they are so cute! he eats little and doesnt bother any other fish. i would rate them 10/10 :)

ThE cAt - 2006-01-04
I have a blue and red betta named fred in my tank. every now and then, I'll be feeding my fish and he'll act like he's reading the lable. He also has a strange habit of, at a random moment, swim to the top right corner of the tank as though to take a breath.

barbs - 2005-12-23
bettas rock my socks! bettas in general go through a lot they shouldnt have to though. firstly, BETTAS ARE NOT COLDWATER FISH. whatever tank or bowl you have, you need to get an aquarium heater. second, a half gallon barely constitutes a tank, and in no way constitutes something to keep ANY fish in. Your betta needs at least 2.5-5 gallons with a heater. a sponge filter with a gentle flow is ideal, but a not required. once a week, change about 25% of the tank water. your bettas will probably survive even if the above conditions are met, but they will be miserable. the fact that they have the labryinth (air breathing) organ only constutitutes that they will die slower than other fish in poor conditions.