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The Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish, and has been part of the hobby for a very long time!
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allie - 2007-05-12
i have 2 bettas, a male and a female. my female betta once lived in a tank peacefully with a shy baby angel, now she inhabits my small 3 gallon tank happily. my male betta suprised me when i had to make an emergency fish relocation and he got 2 tank mates (cory catfish). he got along with them so well i got 2 more. he now lives with all 4 and gets along with them, often times hanging out in their school.

Echo Stewart - 2007-03-16
Bettas are a great pet. I used to have one also my bro had one. We had them in a medium size tank with a glass wall. Our bettas would try to get to the other. Now that I thought about it you shouldn't have two bettas like that. I wont make that mistake again! Thanks, happy betta keeping!

Jacob Gomez - 2007-03-14
I Have a Betta. It`s a female and her name is Pleasant. She is in a 10 gallon tank with 6 guppies and a Zebra Danio named Stripey-Stripe. She is a middle-aged fish that cracks me up! There is a neon cave in my
tank and I have to tell you she loves that thing. One time I couldn`t find Pleasant at all in the tank, but the next thing I knew, her little head pop out of an opening in the cave! While were on the Betta subject, I wanted to say my friend is only 6 years old but she has already breed bettas! I mean, at her age she has breed bettas! WOW!!
I hope some day I can breed bettas and I hope Pleasant is one of the many bettas I`ll breed.

The Koi Maiden - 2007-01-29
In my experience with fish that require a large tank (I have a 3000 gal pond with seven koi), it was a relief to find a pleasant fish that could live in a signifacantly smaller area. Bettas can SURVIVE in under a gallon of water, but it is very cruel to the fish. Even one gallon is better than keeping them in the tiny betta bowls. Only when I put my betta Azura in a 1 gallon fish bowl did I see his true personality. It is a common myth that bettas can survive at room temperature. This is true; however, since they originated in tropical areas, you will see more movement if bettas are allowed a temperature around or slightly above 75 degrees F. Another aspect of the tank that should be taken into consideration is current. When placing bettas in a community tank there should be places on the surface where there is no current. Their bodies are not designed for fast swimming. Happy fishkeeping!

Devon Chew - 2006-12-22
I had about six Bettas which were very colorful. I kept them all in a separate tank, and they were very happy. I named them Redray, Bubbles, Ace, Gary, DaBlu and Ned. I had them for one and a half years until Ace, Gary, DaBlue and Ned died from age. I only have Redray and Bubbles now. Redray seems to be getting older. His nice red color is still bright but his nice white fins and tail are fading. Bubbles is doing good but getting weaker every week. The reason i named Bubbles, Bubbles was because he loves to make a big bubble nest in his small tank. Then after every two days, he would destroy it and make a new bubble nest. My six Betta stars seemed to be broken because of their death. Now im left with my two stars which i still treasure.

P Love - 2006-12-13
My betta, Dale Jr. was a beautiful bright orange. He was very aggressive, and every time someone would come in my room, I would have them stick the tip of their finger in the bowl and he would attack! I miss my little attack fish :(

Tech - 2006-09-19
I have a betta named tech, he is a nice quite fish. i put a shell in his tank (which is 1 gallon), now im think of putting him in a 5 gallon tank. he is like redish and pink its a little wierd.

P.s. do not put ghost shrimp in their tank, they will eat them.

Rick James B**** - 2006-08-25
Hey Betta Lovers everywhere! I've recently bought my female and male betta at a pet store in San Diego, CA. Let me tell female is bigger than any male betta that I've seen in many pet store in AZ. I don't know why, maybe the weather or something. Anyway, she was transported from CA to AZ a few weeks ago, and is still looking beautiful since the first time I bought her. Shes in a 10gal now with two Dragon fish, an algae eater, a frog, and a Dinosaur fish. I'll be adding a mate for her soon. He is on his way from Cali rite now. It will be my first time attempting to breed bettas. I love your website so much that I bookmarked it. Thanks for all the helpful info. And please keep on updating more helpful info in the future.

ANONYMOUS-2 - 2006-08-13
Greetings: I have been a big fan of bettas since I was a child. At one point in time, I have kept more than forty bettas at the same time, and had a few successful spawns. In Thailand, I've seen these fish being fought, not for the sport, but for the honor and prestige of the owner, who tries to sell his bettas as having came from the best bloodlines and gene pools. Even the loosing fish will be taken home and be well cared for. But I like to point out, that, I have NEVER seen any fish fought to the death. Usually one would give up and swims away. The other would be declared the victor. Also, the only time that I've seen a male being attacked by a female,is when the female is much larger than the male. They can tell each other apart as males or females. Just to clarify a couple of things. THANKS!!!!

ROSIE - 2006-07-31
Hi, I think that this website is absolutely magnificent! I have been breeding betta's for many years now thanks to this website. Thanks again