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The gorgeous Pearl Gourami has earned its name from the beautiful iridescent 'pearl' patterning!
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ruth salles - 2006-03-16
I just purchased a male and female pearl gourami and by god, they are two of the coolest fish I've ever had. The female is so friendly and curious. I swear she knows me because every time I approach the tank or open it to feed them, she is right there at the surface. She lets me run my finger along her sides and comes back beggin for more. the male is a little less social, but he sure does protect the heck out of her. At first I thought he was nipping at her and irritating her, but I have since realized that if fish could fall in love these two most certainly are! I definately recommend this species because they are very friendly and they do not bother other fish, whatsoever. On top of all of this, they are really really really pretty.

Brendan - 2006-02-04
I have four pearl gouramis and at first they hid whenever you looked at them. Then after a while they got used to the tank and swam around exploring everywhere and were always the first for food. Then I Bought a golden Severum and since them the two males always hide and the females sort of do. i think the severum bullies them a bit and they are scared of him

sean fowles - 2005-11-19
I have had my pearl gourami for quite a while and i think it is a great fish. It is always waiting for food and loves hanging around with my angel fish,I really engoy waching him as he is an interesting fish.

guarami-angel - 2005-11-06
No fish has ever attacked my one-and-only Pearl since the first day. He was shy at first, probably for four days. Now, he is all over my 60 gal tank frolicking with the rest, and always one of the first in line for food. He had a strange quality about him at first, until I got used to looking at him. He is not my favorite fish, however. I love my Red Flames and Powdered Blues, especially when they do their pseudo-wardance.

Antonio urban - 2005-06-01
I love my pearl gourami!

Dan - 2005-04-13
I recently bought a pair of pearl gouramis. They hid behind the plants for the first few days. I decided to turn down the bubbles in my internal filter until there was almost no surface ripples. Immediately, they started to explore the tank and swimming with my bala shark and barbs. They are great fun to watch.

matto - 2004-10-07
i just added a pearl to my 180 litre tank today, it is fitting in well with my 2 angels and silvershark, i plan to add 2 bristle noses 2 bronze catfish, a kissing gourami and a large assortment of tetras and barbs

ash - 2004-07-21
i only recently bought a female and male pearl gourami, but already they are one my most active and peaceful fish in my 180 litre tank. theyre kept with a rope fish, a red-finned shark, 10 columbia, 95 tetras and about 4 danios (the rope fish ate the other danios). they both get along great with all the inhabitants and an absolute bargain of a fish.

Serina - 2004-02-11
My male pearl is a little territorial and has a history of being a bully, but I think it is mainly because he doesnt have bigger fish around to keep him in line. I have a 15gal tank with two pearls (male and female), a female gold molly, and two dwarf african frogs. It is a pretty peaceful tank *that is until the male decides that it is time to breed*

steve - 2003-12-29
I have had tanks from 20 - 40+ gallons and tall to long. Pearls are my favorite for sure. I have come across an aggessive male or two, but they are the exception not the rule. Likewise, I have seen some quite shy. Typically, they are great community fish and real beauties. Feed them some worms occasionally and watch their colors come to life.