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The Paradise Fish was one of the first tropical fish in the trade, and the start of the aquarium hobby!
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Luann Cox - 2009-01-03
I just bought a gold gourami for my 35 gal tank. My blue paradise gourami constantly chases the gold gourami (female) to the point where she's always hiding. The other tank occupants are 6 angels, 6 tiger barbs, 1 red fin shark, 1 lep fasciatus, 1 pleco 4 zebra danios. My only concern are the gouramis.

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  • Jessica Berlin - 2010-03-30
    Mine are doing the same thing. Only with mine, they came home together from the same tank and just recently just started fighting. The female is always in hiding and only comes out if I have the male secluded. Does anyone know if this is just a breeding thing, or if I should be concerned? I just don't want him to kill her, and I am trying to educate myself on what is going on. Anyone with any ideas please let me know.
anzara - 2008-05-06
I have a 30 gallon with two paradise, two golds, and get this - three jack dempsies. They all co-exist fine but some times the main dempsey and one of the paradise will lock mouths, but after a few seconds of that, they are back to normal. So who says it couldn't be done.

Janelle Mooney - 2008-02-06
I have a 55gal tank with 6 paradise, they are the most energetic fish I have ever seen. But they look nothing like the pictures, they almost look like little tigers, deep/bright orange and black stripes. They know exactly what food looks like!

Anthony L - 2007-11-04
I have a gold gourami with a large community of fish, in a 20g tank, and he is very peaceful! I've also seen him brake up plenty of fights between some of my other fish! He comes right up to the front tank when I come to feed them. I think of him as a sheriff, since he's the biggest and one of the most peaceful fish in the tank!

adrianna - 2007-09-30
I have a couple of paradise Gourami (males) in a 30 gallon tank. I have trained my boys to leap completely out of the water an kiss my lips for food. I love my boys.."frankie & phin".

Adam - 2007-08-28
i have one male paradise fish with 3 freshwater puffers, 1 fancy tailed guppy, one algea eater, and (cant think of the name) one rather large oscar looking fish lol. They all are doing just fine with each other, although my paradise fish is a bit aggressive and likes to bite at the larger fish.

Dr. Greenthumb - 2007-06-24
I have a Paradise Gourami in a 20g tank, and I also have him with a black tetra, some neon tetras, some black neon tetras, some angelfish, some cat fish, a clown loach, and some barbs, and they are doing just fine. I love my gourami, he doesnt fight and he's well behaved.

Petrey - 2007-05-18
I have a male and female paradise fish living with 3 swordtails, 2 tetras, 1 female beta, and one angelfish and they are all getting along good. The female and male are starting to fight but I think they are getting ready to breed.

alexa - 2007-05-02
I have an albino paradise fish and hes absolutely beautiful! Until recently I've kept him in a 20 gallon hexagon tank with two black skirt tetras, 2 hybrid rams, 1 powder blue dwarf gourami and a chinese algae eater. I had to remove the paradise gourami because he is very agressive towards all my other fish. He chases them, nips at them and they are all always hiding. The moment I took him out my other fish came out and swim all over the tank. So now Im keeping him alone in a betta tank, he seems to be doing okay but is very active and I feel bad keeping him in such a small home. I may have to get a new tank set up for him!

MM - 2007-01-30
I keep a male paradise fish with two females and a small group (five) of tiger barbs. Since they are all on the aggressive side, this combination works well and they all seem to get along nicely in a community tank. The tiger barbs are usually fin nippers, but seem to leave the fins of the paradise fish alone as long as the barbs are in a group of five or more.