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The Paradise Fish was one of the first tropical fish in the trade, and the start of the aquarium hobby!
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michael - 2010-04-14
I just bought two of these fish a couple weeks ago and it turns out I got a breeding pair... there are now over 100 fish in my tank! Really enjoy them but need to find a new home for most of them

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  • Jeannie - 2010-08-24
    Well they eat the young and where do you live you still have your fish?
  • Windy Page - 2014-07-06
    Do you have fry for sale?
Shaylah - 2013-10-22
I have a blue paradise fish about 2 inches it's a male and is in a community tank with a baby angel fish, a baby glass fish, some kind of baby loach fish, and two male fancy guppies and a small snail. . . I have not noticed any aggression with my paradise, he gets along with all the small tank mates. I got them all as babies so they will grow together. He has the best personality, i'm hoping as he gets older he won't pick on the smaller fish.

Willem - 2012-12-03
Hello, About two years I have diffuclties in keeping male Paradise fish. Every one of them is doing allright for about six months, they eat, breed, chase the female, etc. Then something goes wrong, they become lethargic, hang at the surface, don't eat, turn pale and die, apparently suffocating because they take surface air every five seconds. The females never have this problem. I examined the males and don't find any trace of parasites or worms. Therefore it must be something bacterial or viral, or with the water quality. As none of the other fishes have medical issues (platies, corydoras and female Paradise) all this is puzzling. Ofcourse I treated them with medication, but no result. It could be that I waited too long before I started treating them, but it's not easy to determine when the problem starts, it evolves very slowly, even when it's unmistakably there it lasts about four or five weeks before they perish. Any advice is welcome, otherwise I must give up on keeping these fish, wich I really like. There are two hints of infection in my tank, first a singel white spot, abces, that appears in the head of the paradise fishes when they are introduced, which disappears after a few days, but may recur a couple of times, and some mouth issues with some of my platties. I suppose the first is a virus and the second a bacterial infection For some time I had a group of black/grey widow tetra's who had serious mouth issues, but not lethal, some abces that difformed their mouth by what looked like dark pimpels on it, it didn't seem to affect them much. Any info or advice is thankfully accepted.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-03
    Depending how many females you have.  Try adding one male per 4 or so females.  The males may be fighting for mating rights and getting too stressed.
  • Willem - 2012-12-06
    The problem can not be caused by stress as I never had more then two male Paradise fish, and since the first one died, only one at the time. The first two had the occasional fight, but as the outlet of the filter is right in the middle of the 2 meter tank they had a territory at the sides and enough females for company and breeding. In my experience the females give the weakest amongst them also a hard time once there is a male in the tank.
christine - 2012-11-13
Hi I have a paradise fish that has 2 lumps one near the eye and one on under the stomach they look like they are bleeding what do I do?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-13
    Sounds like a fungus.  Try an antifungal.
kelle - 2012-10-28
i have two praise gourami's one male and one female..they have had very weird behaviour the last four days one has sat on the bottom of the tank amongst some weed and the other directly above it they are both together at the top of the tank hiding in the corner..i think one of them might be pregnant? does anyone have any info on them laying eggs how long does it take what to look for?is this behaviour normal?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-28
    Any signs of the female building a bubble nest?
Linda Hester Lopez - 2012-10-03
When I was a kid my dad bred blue paradise gouramis and sold them to local pet stores. Twenty years later I have become a fish fanactic with 9 active tanks running each with different species. I live near Corpus Christi, TX and aquatic pet shops are scarce. I was asked one of my regular shop owners to order me some paradise fish with their next order and they did. I am more than excited to follow in my dads footsteps in breeding these beautiful fish. And boy did I save a LOT of money by doing this! I've been considering buying them online at a cost of $5-7 each plus around $30 shipping, however when I went to pick them up at the fish shop I paid $1.95 each!! I am blessed! :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-04
    Good going - and good luck.
sarah - 2010-02-26
I have owned a few of these beauties but I'm having a hard time finding them at from my local pet stores , I hope to one day to own few again for my tanks.

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  • Darrell Womack - 2011-05-30
    Sarah, I live in the Dominican Republic and I have lots of the Paradise
    Gouramis. I wish I could find someome to buy these and other tropical fish
    we have. Good luck
  • Barbara Mathews - 2011-08-13
    Hi Darrell, I remember you from several years ago when we were on Antipas forum. We both bailed out at the same time realizing the apostasy and spiritual deception was rampant on that forum. I appreciated your wisdom and experience. I hope you're still growing in the LORD and being blessed in all you do. Hope you find buyers for your tropicals as well. The economy up here in the states is struggling as you well know.

    E-mail me some time if you get a chance.

    God bless you and your wife,


Devyn - 2012-04-28
I have two male paradise fish, and one seems to be missing his back fin. When i feed them, one will eat the food and the other one cant because he cant swim. Can anyone help?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-30
    You will need to find a way to seperate them at feeding maybe getting a piece of plexy that you can slide in to seperate them during feeding.
petros - 2011-01-06
Hello! I am new to the aquarium hobby and at the moment I have 50 lt one with Neon Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, various catfish and most important of all a male Betta Splendens (the small one). I am thinking of getting a paradise fish, but I am concerned what happens with the Betta. Should I buy one, two (a couple, I know)? I don't want however my fish to multiply... Thank you all and have a Happy New Year!

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  • samiran roy,india - 2011-09-21
    You can keep paradise fish pair with a betta. But however be ready for some agression. Be sure to have some hiding places and live plants.
  • Frizka - 2012-09-25
    (Translation from Spanish to English)

    Hi Maria, bettas can be kept together, but only at the time of mating. Put the two together when the male has built a nest of bubbles. After the female laid her eggs you must remove her and leave fry with the male. When the fry hatch and and start to swim you need to separate them. Then they need to be kept singly again.

    HOLA:Maria siento ctrdnateciroe pero los betas si pueden estra los dos juntos, pero solo en la epoca de apareamiento, los pones a los dos juntos cuando el macho haya hecho una cpa de burbujas, apenas la hembra ponga los huevos la debes sacar, y dejar a los alevines con el macho y cuando ya naden solos los separas y vuelven a quedar todos solos pero solo es para comprobr que si pueden estar juntos ya q yo tengo la pareja lastima
Bobbit - 2012-08-19
I have found with my male paradise fish of which I was lucky enough to score when they were young and un coloured, lived with each other in a 2 ft tank with guppies, 1 glass cat and pleco's. After maturing I was worried they would turn agressive towards each other or other fish. They did not. I eventualy found 1 female paradise and added her with my 2 males. No fights, no territory clash's. After a few weeks one of he males built a nest and had it fertilized etc, then a few days later the other did the same. Between the 2 males the female was bullied to death but the spawn still went ahead. Then I had lots of paradise fish. My point is all fish have individual personalitys, and after having 2 breeding males in 1 small tank I think individuality should be taken into account.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-20
    Definitely all things are individuals but there just basic 'generalizations' which I hate to use but sometimes should keep in the back of my mind.  The two fellas got along but the the gal is dead. No gal and no fighting - put the gal in and ---- well boys will be boys.