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The Opaline Gourami is a long time favorite with aquarists, and a very attractive fish that comes in a variety of color patterns!
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Anonymous - 2009-12-01
I have had a female opaline for around 3 months now as I wanted something different for my 26G community tank. She is a stunning fish, very peaceful and swims around the tank very gracefully. She will feel the other fish with her pectoral fins and I think they may be ambush predators as she likes to emerge from the undergrowth from nowhere. She accepts all foods and even eats hair algae from the plants. They look quite washed out in the shop but she coloured up beautifuly once she settled in.....I would recommend this fish.

Marilyn - 2009-09-15
I purchased an opaline gourami and 1 blue. The opaline is bigger in size and won't stop chasing and (biting) the blue one. The "fight" started almost immediately. On the 3rd day I decided to isolate the opaline and still the opaline tries to get the blue one through its mesh separater. Maybe b-cuz the blue stays right in front opa and won't move away. Should I just let them FIGHT IT OUT CONSTANTLY?

Tina - 2009-08-13
I heard around that male Blue gouramis are really agresive with other fish.
One of these little girls solved that problem really quick!
When they are together, the opaline dominates but she won't pick on the blue to often because they get pretty big. The only problem I find with them is that they get really panicky and that's not all too good when you have young children in the house who like to tap the glass! Otherwise they seem like great fish. Maybe our opaline will get braver and stop being a scaredy-fish!

david - 2009-06-03
Bought two of these fish. For the first two weeks one would chase and nudge the other around the tank non stop. I thought I would have to end up returning him but after some time he settled down and the two of them got along great. Unfortunately one of them just died the other day and the remaining Opaline looks devastated and lonely. After I removed the dead fish the other kept frantically searching every inch of the tank looking for his buddy... makes me so sad!

Jamie - 2009-02-06
Part 2....after I read more on the fish I returned most back to the pet store. These are not schooling fish, they are more like betta and as they get larger (mine were all very young) they will fight each other. Best to only have one in a tank and even then he/she may bully other smaller fish. Some people say a male and two females is a good mix. The thing to remember is they may grow to be 4 inches.

Jamie - 2009-01-28
I just purchased a new 30 gallon tank and decided on the opaline gourami. I ended up taking all that were in a small 10 gallon tank at the pet store, about 18 females. Since they already knew each other I have no problems with fighting...I think they are just glad to be in a larger tank. I figure I'll leave them alone and not drop a male in the mix.

spencer - 2009-01-27
I have a 60 gallon tank, three diamond tetra, three long finned gold barbs, Three Striata loaches, four mixed cory, two crabs and a pleco. I added a Opaline and Green Gourami. The Opaline is almost an inch bigger and get attacked every ten seconds by the other. I tried adding more plants and some decor to hid. But no use. So today I put him in a lonely 10 gallon tank. The Opaline is now very much darker in color, and seems lost with out the bully, while the other just looks at me like.. you jerk. lol

Meg - 2009-01-06
I have a male opaline gourami housed with several other types of gourami's, and he has become the bully of the tank. He has put bite marks all over one of my cute little dwarf gourami's and he keeps everyone hid in the corner of a 40 gallon aquarium. I have a female also that is very peaceful. I am thinking of tanking him back to the pet store if they will take him. He is a beautiful fish but a big bully.

randi - 2008-07-23
I bought two Opaline Gourami several months ago. Being the dork that I am, I named one Peanut Butter and the other Jelly. Jelly died of unknown causes merely days after I got the fish, but Peanut Butter has thrived, and I must say I've gotten rather attached to him. My favorite thing about him is that any time he sees me...and for some reason only me...he will swim over to the edge of the tank and stare at me. I usually point at him and say, "I've already fed you," and he'll follow my finger. I usually feed him twice a day, morning and evening, and he knows when I'm about to feed him because as soon as I pick up his container of food, he'll start watching the surface. He eats rather noisily, loudly smacking as he sucks his food in.

Mika - 2008-07-16
I have 4 gourami opaline and they all seem to get along fine. It's so cool though, because whenever I put my hand in to arrange something or check on the plants, they all come up to my hand and rub against it. I can get a few of them to eat flakes out of my hand now. ^,^ I love them!