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Though it has the same basic coloration as the regular Dwarf Gourami... the Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami has a lot more blue!
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GouraMitzi - 2005-09-14
I had 3 powder blue dwarf gouramis originally in my 26-gallon tank with 6 neon tetras and 1 albino pleco. I wanted to put in females, too, but my local fish store told me that their supplier euthanizes all the females and therefore I can't get them. Anyway, there definitely was a "nipping" order among the three. One dominant "alpha" gourami is of a feisty character and comes up to the front and top of the tank whenever I come in the room. He even lets me "pet" him!!!- LOL :D Even though he's a bully, I like him a lot for his big personality in a little body. The other two, less dominant ones, were eventually moved to different tanks because they just didn't look nearly as good as the bully one. One of them is doing fine in a 36-gallon community tank. He seems very content and happy. The third one, unfortunately, came down with a weird internal illness and I had to euthanize him. Such a shame since these are such beautiful fish.

Elliott - 2005-08-17
Gorami's are really cool. We have two of them, along with 2 black goldfish. We got them today and they seem to like playing with all of the fish.

Sharon - 2005-01-27
These little guys are the greatest. I have an assortment of them...2 red flame, 2 neon blues and 2 blues in a 55gal. community tanka, And then two 3 spots in a 10 gal. they all come and eat the frozen bloodworms and tubifex from my hand when I feed. I love them and they are very friendly.

Steve Rich - 2005-01-19
I have been breeding this species for a while now. I love them and believe them to be one of the best tropical fish available. The fish are quite agressive but (normally) only towards each other and it never gets too nasty, just a bit of chasing and nudging etc. I notice when I remove a male for breeding the other must re-arrange the ranking order in the tank (Who is most dominant etc) and so when the breeding is over and he is re-introduced there is always a lot of flared fins and tail slapping etc, this only last an hour or so and I have never seen any fish become injured due to this, one of them always seems to back off before it gets that bad. My advice is dont remove them too quickly, watch them and you will see the violence stop as soon as the Alpha male is decided and the rankings are agreed by the other tankmates. After that you will just see the highest ranked fish chasing the others from time to time and they always run away. Good Luck. Steve...

QUICK BREEDING TIP: I have noticed I get better breeding results from choosing a male that is not very high in the ranking order (The one that always runs away and doesnt fight). This is because he will spend more time on the nest than the high ranking males. They normally spend 95% of their time chasing the female and only 5% building. The lower ranking male tends to ignore the female for longer periods of time and puts the nest toghether quicker and better.

(Dont get me wrong he does still chase the female away etc as this is natural).


clark - 2004-10-05
Everything I read about the neon blue dwarf gourami states it as being a peaceful species. However, I recently put two males into close quarters and they began to fight in a way similar to Betta Splendens. I had to separate one into another tank after it was attacked repeatedly by the other male, which was flaring its fins and exhibiting a similar dominant behavior over the other.

Bailey - 2003-09-18
I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 2 male Dwarf Gouramis,7 Neon Tetras, and 3 Pristella Tetras. They all seem to get along well, but the smaller Gourami harasses the bigger one.

michelle - 2003-08-17
this is one of my favourite fish but do not keep with aggressive fish or the will get bullied, best to keep with other smaller fish and other dwarf gourami but not flame gourami as they are too aggressive.