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Though it has the same basic coloration as the regular Dwarf Gourami... the Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami has a lot more blue!
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eden - 2010-05-08
I have 2 gouramis and I love them they are very hardy and do great in a community tank. The weird thing is that they won't mate if you don't have live plants trust me I have tried and it doesn't work out. As soon as I put live plants in they built a bubble nest and are still building. The reason I think they need live plants in there is so they can weave the plant debris in the nest. I would highly recommend getting this type of fish!

Caleb - 2010-07-17
I just bought a baby (7/8 or 1 inch) neon blue gourami today to put in with my platys and cherry shrimp. He (I think) is a wonderfully coloured fish and full of personality. At the pet shop, I walked up to the tank and he swam to the front and followed me around it. I wasn't even intending on buying him, but his personality and colours got me. Overall, a wonderful fish.

Tracie - 2010-06-24
I have a neon blue dwarf gourami. I only have one. I believe it is male. It's belly has become huge and bloated looking. He is still eating and swimming. What is wrong with him?

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  • anand - 2010-07-23
    There is one disease which come for fishes the belly become big and it'll die soon it may be the disease. You can do a research on it probably.
  • Joanne - 2010-08-10
    I was told that they will always eat so overfeeding will cause the bloated stomach. Feed only every other day.
Amanda - 2008-09-09
Believe it or not, Walmart has female eon dwarf gouramis. The best part is, if you have any problems within 90 days, you take them the fish and the reciept and they will refund your money or give you another fish.

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  • Meghan L - 2010-04-04
    I bought mine yesterday at Petco and I got 2. I'm not sure if they're girl girls or boys or both. But one of thm is not using his gills but he was before. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. He's not moving as much as he used to (he was active during the morning) plz let me know if you know anything about what's going on. thanks
  • Tracie - 2010-06-24
    Yes, today I saw neon blue dwarf gouramis at Walmart for $1.84. I couldn't believe it. I paid $6 for mine at Petsmart!
Nevyn - 2003-09-15
This is my favourite fish. Im sitting here now watching a Power Blue tending his nest and eggs. For some reason he keeps shooting water at me when I approach, just like an Archer fish would! Amazing.

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  • anand - 2010-07-23
    I have two neon gourami one male and female, male shoots water at me like your fish. It's amazing I don't know why he does that:-)
  • bluegourami - 2011-08-03
    I actually read somewhere that these fish shoot water out to catch bugs and other things that could be hovering over the water. It could just be instinct...he sees you and knows food but innate abilities kick in and he does what he would normally do to catch the food :)
Ian Anthony Esparza-diaz - 2012-06-10
I have one of these I love it. It is the second best fish I ever had.

Robert - 2008-05-17
I had a Dwarf in a community tank and everything got along great, I then added an opaline gourami. The Dwarf and the Opaline fought but it was never bad. Then one morning I woke up and my dwarf was on his side at the bottom of the tank with gashes in his side and a dent in his head. I wouldn't recommend putting these two fish together

faris - 2006-10-22
Haha, my neon blue dwarf gourami's name is Rey, and he's crazy.

He built a bubble nest about a week after I bought him, yet there's no female.

I've been searching for a female dwarf gourami of any sort at PETsMART, but they don't seem to have any.

Eventually, we'll find him a girlfriend.

I've been reading up on breeding, and it seems fairly easy enough...

sparki - 2006-06-13
i recently bought a beautiful neon dwarf gourami. i bought him in hopes that he would become my almost 4 year old powder blue (what i believe is a female)gourami's new best friend, after her friend moosache died. well, they didnt hit it off, but they didnt rip each other to shreds either. I think Fire Works(the male) respects Danny's(the female) high status in the little group of fish that i own. Recently however, ive noticed that fire works and danny are either challenging each other, or they are in love, because FW is building what i beleive to be a bubble nest. well, whatevers happening, alls fair in love and war.

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  • Summer - 2010-03-23
    That's funny!
    I am new to this hobby, only a year but I am going to get my blue dwarf soon.
    Thanks for your story.

Dianne - 2006-03-19
I just bought my first Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami! He appears tiny next to my two Moonlight Gouramis! So far, the Moonlight's have checked the Neon out with their long graceful "feelers", but haven't shown any aggresion (yet) and I hope never do. Now I'm considering adding a female Neon.
I have a 40 gallon with three small schools - Rummy Nose Tetras, Rasboras and Glo-Lites, the two Moonlights and the Neon!
The tank is beautiful!