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The Kissing Gourami is one of the most popular gouramis with its fascinating lip sucking action!
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Fat freak josh - 2004-06-08
I have thirty gallon aquarium in which I have many assorted fish and amongst those are two fairly small pink kissing gouramis. The two kissing gouramis are very peaceful and fun to watch. One likes to "kiss" or rather suck on every glass surface, heater, or pebble it sees while the other just appears to be kissing the water. I highly recommend this fish for larger peaceful aquariums.

dan rose - 2004-05-08
Kissing Gourami are very fun but be sure to have a larger tank for them...50 gal should be great to reduce chances of aggression towards other fish.

Savannah Wells - 2003-10-06
These fish are really pretty and they are easy to mantain,but you might want to kep a good eye on them when you have baby fish[fry].