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The Kissing Gourami is one of the most popular gouramis with its fascinating lip sucking action!
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Gemma - 2009-03-29
I have recently bought 2 kissing gourami's, and just before 2 blue ones, which are doing fine. One of the blue gourami's is very big and I found some eggs under my pump, but they didn't last long. I have also gotten 10 young fry from my molly's which are all swimming around the tank with the other fish and that take no notice of the others. Even at feeding they share the food.

Beth and Bob - 2009-03-11
My fiance and I just recently purchased a pair of kissing gouramis. They started off kissing fairly often and then rubbing on each other, and now one of them has been staying right in this corner and it looks like there's an egg sack under her or something, but I don't know anything about their babies...

Jon Martin - 2007-05-26
I have just purchased a 5 inch pink kissing gourami hes getting along with all my fish except my 15 inch silver arowana. the gourami is constantly kissing the sides of the arowana and stressing him out, if he doesn't stop i will have to remove him.

faris - 2006-10-22
I just love these fish.

I have one, yet I don't know if it's a male or female. She's still brand new, (i just call her a she...) and her name is Mina.

I assume that all Kissing Gourami's enjoy kissing the floor, the plants, or even the glass. They're adorable and great beginner fish, and long living ones, too.

They do tend to be rather aggressive towards African Cichlids. But are peaceful to all my other fish. Even though I don't own an African Cichlid, just a warning.

Mina also has some sort of attraction towards my powder blue dwarf gourami, Rey. She's always messing with his nest, and such, and kissing his side. It's really... weird. o.o;

Anonymous - 2006-04-27
i luv kissing gourami's there sooo cute, and romantic lol jk

Gina - 2005-08-19
My Kissing Gourami, Pinky has been with me 14 years! It is indeed a family pet! He is very picky about what he eats, and will remind you to feed him when it is meal time! Fish really do have there own personality!

michele - 2005-03-14

I have a turquois kissing gourami named Mellis.
I have had him since I was 12- I am now 24!
He is probably 9-10 inches long!

Colleen - 2005-02-26
I have 2 kissing Gouramis in a 30 Gallon Tank. I read that their live span is 5 years. My fish are 12 YEARS OLD!!!

jessica - 2004-12-31
Kissing Gouramis are very cool fish. I mean, they are so fun to look at, and laugh at because of their kissing action. I have even seen them kiss each other. Everyone should love these fish. I know I do.

Kourtney - 2004-07-22
i have a tank with a huge 7 incher and i have a very small 1 inch kissing gourami and they are the cutest guys i have.