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The Kissing Gourami is one of the most popular gouramis with its fascinating lip sucking action!
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shirley - 2014-03-29
My kissing fish keep having babies and then eat them all. I am so distressed with this. Am I doing something wrong? I am about to get rid of my tank.

Suganya - 2014-03-11
Hi... My kisser minnie lies vertically very often at the top region of the tank and stays inactive most of the time... only when I go knock near him he gets active... what is wrong with my minnie?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-03-13
    Is he eating regularly still? If he is eating and doesn't have any obvious illness (fungal or bacterial patches, fin rot, open sores, etc.) then I would just keep an eye on him. But also check all water parameters, temperature, and make sure you are keeping on top of water changes to reduce the chance of infection. How is he doing now? I hope he is acting better! Good luck.
bb - 2014-02-03
What can I do? My kissing gourami didn't eat and move for a week now. He just moved from the corner to another corner, but didn't eat.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-04
    It sounds like your fish is stressed. Gourami's don't always eat right away when you first get them due to stress, but other factors could be bullying, or your water parameters. If you determin he's not being bullied or intimidated by any other tank mates, try doing a partial water change and see if it helps.
Nody - 2013-07-05
I have a kissing gourami.

kye turnbull - 2013-04-11
these fish are beautiful, i love the kissing and they are so hardy and easy to feed, a great fish, my brother calls them x

michelle bravo - 2010-09-25
I'm very concerned about my kissing gourami fish because it doesn't move it just stays in one spot do you think it is dying or it is sick?

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  • Terimarie - 2013-02-20
    Hi I have the same problem with mine, he's also stopped doing the 'kissing' now and lost his appitite, I've been trying to look this up but not found anything yet, have you?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-20
    That is not always a sign of a problem.  First start with checking water levels and temperature.
Larry parks - 2013-01-01
Is it ok to use a blue light with kissing fish.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-01
    It is fine to use.  Using different spectrum lights is best depending on light set up.
Laura x - 2010-11-07
Hi I have 2 kissing gourami's in with a siamese fighting fish and 5 neon tetra's and I'm really worried about one of my kissing gourami as it keeps skitting across the top of the tank and putting its head out of the water, and then once it has done that, it floats on its side up to the top of the water stays there for about 5 mins then moves and does it again? Can you help me pleassseee? xx

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  • Holly - 2011-01-17
    Hello my name is Holly it sounds like you might have high ammonia in your tank. If it's not that then high nitrates in your water do you have a test kit for your fish?
  • kesler - 2011-02-13
    The fighting fish you have is probably bullying the kissing gourami. I would remove the siamese fighting fish and keep it separate.
  • jessi - 2012-06-07
    Your kisser may also just have a problem with its swim bladder. This can happen with almost any fish and it will eventually right itself but this may happen again if this is the case. Though it seems worrysome I have had a goldfish that did exactly what you are describing off and on for 2 years. and I would only remove the fighting fish if you see him picking on the kisser or the kissers fins are getting torn. I currently have one in with 2 male and 3 female bettas and they don't get in each others way at all.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-07
    Check water levels.  Maybe get some more oxygen into the tank.
jessi - 2012-06-07
I have had pink kissers for 3 years now and I have had good mixed with bad luck. I have made the mistake of trying to find mine a mate and the new mate, though smaller, killed the one I already had, but a few months ago I obtained a blue gourami and the kisser and her seem to get along fine. The blue taps my kissers with her little tendrils at feeding time which irritates her to no end but during the day they seem to get along fine. They are both the same size at about 4 inches and in a vast community with a range of fish some people say can't be mixed but mine thrive nonetheless.

helen matthews - 2012-04-08
Every time I buy kissing fish they get skinnier and skinnier till they die. Do you know why this happens?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-09
    Normally water conditions are not ideal and causing stress. What are your levels?