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One established the Honey Gourami is a beautiful fish, and very desirable for a smaller aquarium!
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Yuri Panchul - 2004-03-10
Fish on your photo picture is not Colisa chuna.
Fish on the photo picture is a red form of Colisa lalia.
I know this because I crossed this red form of Colisa
lalia with blue Colisa lalia and they produced babies.
Colisa chuna eggs are black, but Colisa lalia eggs
are white. I dont think you can cross Colisa lalia
and Colisa chuna. At least not as easy.
You can see gourami atlas AQUALOG All Labyrinths (Aqualog # 6)
AQUALOG All Labyrinths (Aqualog # 6)

Barbara - 2004-03-06
I have heard and read that gouramis are peaceful, but I tried to put my male flame gourami and my dwarf gourami together, and they fought. They were relentless. My honey(gold)gouramis also fought.

jrdpa - 2003-12-12
I must admit that I was surprised to find my male Red Flame being one in the fish store said they would be. I have had gold, blue, opaline, etc and they never were. I thought only the Kissing Gouramis were aggressive? He is chasing every fish in the tank. I have a female Red Flame and 3 Black Skirt Tetras too and I am rather irritated at it. One of my black skirt tetras tails has been chewed and he chases the female all the time. She stays hidden in the fake log we have until he chases her out again. He was chasing her away from feeding and the tetras, but not as much as her, last night. The tetras chase each other some too but not like this male. He is a big coward too, panics every time we come near the tank.

Joel Tang - 2003-11-01
I have 2 honey gourami,a big fat goldfish and 13 guppies. They seem to like each other alot. I recomend them for tanks within 8 -15inches long.

Rob - 2003-10-13
I have two male cinnamon dwarf gouramis. They are different then red fire gouramis but oh well. They are great fish and get along great with my two bettas, my tetras and my plecos. I recomend them for tanks with small to medium comunity fish

Missy Rippen - 2003-10-07
I have 2 flame gouramies and 2 powder blue gouramies in a 100 gal tank with other fish. They seem to like the pellets and not fear my 11 inch (non-aggressive - he pays little attention to the other fish) Oscar, I have not seen any actions that I would consider aggressive. They have not injured nor chased any of my clown loaches or painted glass. I have really enjoyed these fish.

chris - 2003-09-23
I have 2 honey gourami, sorry had.One was slightly bigger than the other,(both male) the larger seemed aggressive at times, usually feeding time.I found the smaller of the two upside down in one of the plants this morning! Was this the work of his tankmate?

Jenn - 2003-08-20
I have to agree. My red flame gourami is extremely aggressive. In the same tank I have plecos a few platy and an opaline gourami. I had read that this is a good community fish but not at all.