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The beautiful color of the Gold Gourami makes this a very desirable addition to an aquarium, but it does get big and can become belligerent to small tank mates!
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Anika - 2004-05-29
As with all gouramis whose mature size is around 4 inches- it is unwise to mix with the dwarf varieties. I have had horrible experiences with a homicidal gold gourami- who mauled and killed a neon dwarf gourami. Anything that is smaller, weaker, or in the wrong place at the wrong time is a potential target. In their defense they are beautiful and can be tamed. The ideal setting in my opinon for these fish is a 30+ gallon tank with one gold gourami, one pearl gourami, one opaline/blue/3 spot gourami, 3 LARGE bronze corys, and lots of hiding spaces. I have heard that the females are less tempermental but you may want to confirm that with another source. Also- if you have a good fish dealer- they will be able to inform you which fish have a tendency towards violence and which seem to be calm.

Lenny - 2004-05-05
I have a gold gourami, moonlight gourami and powder blue gourami (a variant of the dwarf neon) in with a ghost knife, fire eel, and needlefish, among a few others. I feed the latter mentioned fish, which are all in their late juvenile stages, feeders and earthworms and the gold gourami is very aggressive at feeding time. He will eat both the feeders and worms, enhaling the worms as soon as they hit the water; this fish is more carnivorous than omnivorous! He is also aggressive towards the powder blue, but no others. He may be the exception, but beware!

mahasoor - 2004-01-06
I started out my fish tank with one gold gourami and three medium sized tinfoil barb fish, all relatively the same size by now. My little gold guy is peaceful enough, nobody bothers with him and vice versa. My flame dwarf fish, tetras, and bala shark all quite content with them.

Shahzad - 2003-12-21
I have one dwarf male gourami and one female yellow gourami. The yellow female never stops attacking the dwarf gourami. I have 3 platies in the tank as well and one of the female platies is also chasing the dwarf gourami. I am worried about the dwarf. It seems that this fish is extermely timid even for community tank. I would appreciate any comments.

nidge - 2003-08-26
I have two male golds, one never stops charging at the other, this gone on since i got them (about six months ago) i have noticed lately that the one been chased has a bloody lump on top of his head. I have decided to seperate them as im sure it will lead to his death.

Patrick D. - 2003-08-20
Your tank is way too small!

john - 2003-08-18
I have a female gold in a tank w/ a female opaline. I also had another female gold before the opaline. The other gold died overnight (I THOUGHT from stress) and now Im noticing that the gold is charging the opaline. At first the opaline was hiding all the time. Now, she comes out, and flees when the gold charges. I had read that the females would be less aggressive towards each other, if at all. Now, Im concerned for my opaline. I have a 10 gal. tank w/ 3 platys, 2 gobies, one juvenile white lyretail molly, and a catfish. I would not put more than one gourami in a 10 gal. tank at a time.