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The beautiful color of the Gold Gourami makes this a very desirable addition to an aquarium, but it does get big and can become belligerent to small tank mates!
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George Serna - 2005-10-17
the gold gourami and the blue gourami can breed together.

Kadeem Daley - 2005-09-29
So far I have had three gold gouramis and one blue gourami in a 20 gallon tank. The "originals" as I call them, are one female gold gourami and one male blue gourami. they get along just fine but I can never add a new fish to the tank! i always find them dead within 3 hours. i think it is the female doing this because i recently found the male belly up in the tank. Gee, i hope she isn't homocidal!

Cathy - 2005-08-21
I have a 40 gallon aquarium with a 4 1/2 inch Bala Shark that killed every fish I ever put in there. When I saw the Gold Gouramis and learned that they are slightly agressive, I bought four of them hoping they would hold their own with the shark. They all get along just fine with each other. I'm not sure if it's because the shark was lonely (he was alone for over a year due to his homicidal tendencies)or if the Golds stand up to him!

jen - 2005-06-28
I have a 30 gallon tank with a small bala shark, a couple congo tetras, and a couple other small fish. there is also a blue gourami. i recently added a gold gourami and all its been doing is picking on the blue one constantly! it rams its sides and tries to bite its fins when feeding and chases it all around when not. its strange because it doesnt pick on any of the other smaller fish. i read that the males have longer pointier dorsal fins and from this gathered that the gold one is male and the blue one is female. perhaps that is why. someone else said that golds are known to be more aggressive. whatever the reason im scared hes gonna kill the other one : (

Diane - 2004-11-30
I recently added two gold gouramis to a tank where my kissing gouramis have been bullying all my new additions to death within hours. Not only did my golds hold their own, but the kissing gouramis have backed off on being so aggressive. Now I have 2 gold, 2 opaline and 2 kissing, and they all seem to be able to coexist with the other tank dwellers- 2 silver dollars, 2 rosy platys, 2 giant danios, bala shark, red fin shark and a pleco. Oh, and one annoying little tiger barb who refuses to die.

Jas - 2004-07-26
I have a 90 gal tank with three Gold Gourami (2 male and one female), 1 Albino Rainbow Shark, 3 Neon Tetras, 1 mini-crab, and a Hypostomus Plecostomus. I have some live plants in the tank (Cabomba and Frill). Anyway, the gourami have bullied the the other fish into the plants for quite a while. They eventually allowed the other fish to come out. They still do not really care for the other fish, but they do put up with them. Gold Gourami are pretty aggressive- do not let the books fool you! They can be very vicious if they want.

Allaela - 2004-07-19
I have two gold gouramis. I had them in a 10 gallon tank with my two goldfish and an African Dwarf Frog. They didnt chase any of them, but one of the gold gouramis got very territorial and started to beat up the other one to the point that i never saw it because it was to scared to come out! Anyway now i have them in a much bigger tank with an electric yellow cichlid and a brown knife. They dont bother each other anymore besides the ocasional chase and the one that was getting beat up so bad is now the one that is doing some of the chasing!! I just hope that all of the fish will do fine with the discus cichlid that im planning to get and im getting rid of the yellow cichlid because it is just too aggressive with all of the fish that i have. He even killed his mate!!!!

Alan Mihalko - 2004-06-28
It seems the gold gourami are a bit agressive. I recently added 2 gold gourami to a 10 gallon tank that has 3 bala sharks and a nice size algae eater. One of the golds really bullied the other to the point of death, but it seems to be fine with the other fish at this point.

jeff - 2004-06-27
Whilst I think that the gold Gourami is a fine looking addition to my tank,I also think that they are world class bullies.
A recent addition has already hounded a female Dwarf Gourami to death.
Now it is busy chasing the male Dwarf,yet my other Gold Gourami ignores the Dwarf!
Be wary of mixing the two varieties.

Anonymous - 2004-06-09
i have a 3ft by 1.5 x 1ft tank and my yellow gourami chases my bluey one around the tank, the blue one hides behind the fluvo filter must just be an agressive spieces or something