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The beautiful color of the Gold Gourami makes this a very desirable addition to an aquarium, but it does get big and can become belligerent to small tank mates!
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Anonymous - 2008-04-10
I had my black ghost knife for about 5 weeks along with some barbs, silver tip shark, and an african catfish. Well, yesterday my son bought 2 pearl kissing fish with his birthday money. They were fairly large, about 4 inchs, but really wide. The ghost is about 2-3 inches and slim. We put them in the tank and came back in about 10 mins to see how they were and to feed all the fish, and they had kissed my ghost knife to death. He was already dead when I came back to the tank and they were still kissing/attacking his poor body. I was very angry and I took both kissing fish back to the pet store the same day and got my money back. The sales person was even nice enough to give me another ghost knife as well.

Kevin - 2007-09-13
In the early days of my tank I had 2 Gold and two Dwarf Blue Gourami along with other smaller fish, mainly tetras. One Gold Gourami grew more rapidily than the other Gouramis and was extremely agressive towards the other three, harassing them until each died in a very short time. Since then it has become docile, prefering to stay hidden in a pipe except at feeding time. Now it is the perfect tank inhabitant.

Ideally I would like to introduce more dwarf Gourami but I would expect the same fate for them. So not having the heart to dispose of the bully, I will have to wait.

alicia - 2007-01-03
I just added 2 gold gouramis to my tank consisting of some nasty barbs (3-banded apparently) that attack everything, a redtail shark, a large pleco, a parrotfish, and a blue crayfish (approx. 4 inches). A strange combination of fish I agree but they are all working well together. The barbs usually pick on anything in the tank or the crayfish gets a hold of a slow fish. The gouramis have lasted so far which I'm quite impressed with since everything else seems to mysteriously disappear...

parisa - 2006-08-29
i have three gourami, two gold and one pearl.a t first i had just one pearl with two guppies. every time the gourami chased guppies and ate tails until that two guppies died. after awhile i bought two gold. after this the pearl became calm, but my gold every time is chasing the female. try two or three gourami together otherwise they will chase other fish.

Katie - 2006-07-10
I have 2 Gold Gouramis in a tank with 2 Angelfish and a Zebra Pleco and they all do just fine together. Both of my Gouramis came from the same tank and are about 3-4 inches long and were very healthy when we bought them and they still are. I must say that this fish is rather easy to take care of, but they are VERY skiddish, even more so than the Angels. Also if you have not one of these fish already, and you plan to buy one, be cautious on the first few weeks because they get so much more stressed out than the other fish upon new tank entry.

NINA - 2006-06-03
I have 2 gold gouramis that I bought from the same tank together when they were both just about the same size. I believe they are both males due to the shape of their dorsal fins. The problem I am having though, is that one of the gouramis seemed to be the more aggressive one...but it has gotten to the point now where he is significantly larger than his fellow counterpart and will chase the smaller one into the top corner of the tank behind the filter and nip at his little fins. I am very distraught over this as I don't know if they will outgrow this, or if my smaller less aggressive gourami will be forever confined to one corner of the tank behind the filter. The larger begins chasing the smaller to that exact spot in the tank every time and once the smaller one stays put in the corner, the larger will leave him alone and swim he's showing him his place in the tank. I know they can be extremely territorial fish, but I feel so bad for my smaller gourami who is always stuck in the corner. Also, I am afraid the stress may be affecting him, and that maybe he isn't as large because he isn't getting enough food due to the larger gourami. Honestly, I've been in the process of getting another tank to separate him and see how he does without his bully of a counterpart chasing him all day. I really hope it works out for both fish.

Joe M. - 2006-03-12
I have a blue gorami, and am reading all over the net that they are relativly dossile, and mix with angelfish. That is a joke. My gourami goes after any new fish that I put in the tank, I have plenty of plants for them to hide behind, however it is always attacking. I think that my best bet is to get rid of it... however I don't know how... I doubt the pet store would take it back (i don't even want a refund) and I don't have the heart to kill it.. but I like my angel fish much better.

Brook C. - 2005-11-28
I am a proud owner of several fish that people said would not go along together, but so far so good! My 5 different Gouramis are some of my fish that no one said could be peaceful, but I thought in a large tank and enough hiding spots they might work. Its been 5 months and they have been great. They have quite a personality and they are so beautiful! Thank you to Animal-World with all your pages of information on fish, it has helped many people I know.!

Josh - 2005-11-09
I've had my gold gourami for three years and he just seems to keep getting bigger, he's almost at six inches now. I have him in a tank with a fully grown redtail shark. This is a crazy move in principle, however the gourami seems to enjoy being chased occasionally. He sees the shark and swims straight over to him. Sometimes they just sit with each other and other times after the gourami has touched the shark up a bit with his feelers the chase is on. Feeding time is always action packed, the gourami is so veracious he just continues to eat and ignores the sharks charge.

joshua - 2005-10-24
We have several Gourami in a 55Gal Tank. They seem to be friendly to the other fish but sometimes the golds go after one another. other then that they are fairly peaceful and beautiful fish, We have them paired with 2 Pleco, Mollies, and platies. they would make a nice addition to any aquarium