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The beautiful color of the Gold Gourami makes this a very desirable addition to an aquarium, but it does get big and can become belligerent to small tank mates!
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Fat freak josh - 2004-06-07
I have two aquariums, a ten gallon and a thirty gallon. In my thirty gallon I have a five inch plecostomus, four corydoras, two african dwarf frogs, one angelfish, two dwarf pufferfish, one male betta, six freshwater clams (who stay under the gravel though),two fairly small pink kissing gouramis, and one gold gourami. My gold gourami is very territorial, but the only fish it chases are my pink kissing gouramis. The gold gourami, for some reason likes to pick on my pink kissing gouramis and is very aggressive towards them, while it leaves the other fish alone. I think the gold gourami is a very beautiful fish, very active, and is a very nice addition to many aquariums, but it can be slightly aggressive.

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  • Tamara Poteet - 2010-10-30
    I was told I could never put any betta fish with any other fresh water fish because they are fighting fish. In a five gallon tank I have two gold gourami's and two blue gourami's . I am not sure if the blue and gold gouramis are males because it just seems they are constantly chasing each other and they barely get a long they chase my allgi eater. I try to keep the water at 76 degree's. I'm wondering if that is too warm for them? Please let me know. My email is
    please email me if you have any information you can give me to care of my gourami's and in a different tank I have guppies was told they love 80 degree temp but I only have three guppies and 10 new born guppies. I had to put the babies in a a breeder tank in the gourami tank where its warm. but my adult guppies are in a 69 degree temp in a 1 gallon tank. Please help me here and let me know if there is anything I should be doing differently with the fish to keep them alive and healthy.
    Thank you
    Tamara Poteet
Anonymous - 2010-09-22
I have 2 honduran red points and one is a baby and the other is a adult but my lil baby hasn't been growing for the last 3 months plz help me!

Raymond - 2010-02-08
Just bought Two Gold Gouramis and brought them home two days ago. BIG mistake on my part for not observing them for awhile before buying. I'm not sure what sex they are, but one is a darker orange then the other one. Yesterday, I noticed the darker one chasing and nipping at the other lighter one, both gouramis are about equal size as well. Anyways the other one would go and hide, or not move at all at the bottom of the tank. Anyways, this morning, the lighter one was dead. I'll have to wait and see if the darker one goes after any of the other fish, so far it hasn't.

Andy - 2009-09-20
I just got my Gold Gourami from a little mom and pop style shop called The Reef. He's about 4.5 inches long and he's absolutely beautiful and so far, doesn't seem to be that aggressive. But I know he can hold his own 'cause they had him in a tank with around 4 aronawas, three other male gold gourami his size (one was a real scrapper), albino and common pleco, and a black ghost knifefish. I'm so excited to be taking care of gourami again! :)

Mike - 2009-07-10
I just got 1 gold gourami and 1 holy gourami and they are getting bit by my tiger botias and the beotias keep scaring them. They are really nice fish and I'm thinking of getting an opaline gourami because they are really nice fish and they get to 6 inches. My fish are in a 10 gallon right now but in a month they will be moved to a 55 gallon tank with 110 gallons of filtration, and I'm also getting id sharks. I also have 1 common pleco and 1 high fin butterfly pleco and I'm geting another big common pleco when I get my 55 gallon tank. If my id sharks grow over 1 ft in less then 1 year im putting them in a 125 gallon tank that my bro has.

kat - 2009-04-21
I've recently become an avid aquariust and it was love at first sight with gouramis. My first pair were Flame Red Dwarfs then added a pair of Powder Blue Dwarfs. There was a bit of nudging at first but it now looks more like games of tag and they get along just fine. Recent additions are a pair of Blue Gouramis (Three-spot) a pleco, emerald cory cats and leopard cory cats. They make a beautiful, colorful scene to watch and each have distinct personalities while co-existing peacefully. In a seperate tank I have a pair of Gold Gouramis. They are constantly bickering back and forth and "kiss" while shoving each other around the tank. One female, one male. I thought perhaps another pair of fish would lighten their mood so I introduced a pair of Pearl Gouramis and a Clown Pleco. Hah! I no sooner had put the Pearls in and had to remove and transfer them to the larger tank. The Gold Gouramis were very aggressive/belligerent towards the Pearls. It was like watching a wrestling match when they are thrown upon the ropes! I'm thinking when the Pearls are all grown up I'll let them have a re-match...or perhaps their larger Blue cousins would like to have a few minutes go at the Golds. The Golds are beautiful but also seem to have a more "boisterous" attitude. I would incorporate with caution.

Heather - 2009-03-15
To be honest they are not too aggressive with small fish. I just purchased 2 gold Gourami that had been living with a tiny guppy at a pet store for 2 months and took all three of them home about three days ago. They dont even bother the guppy at all, unless it gets too close to them and then they nudge it away with a quick nip. But other than that they have done nothing with it!

Jennifer - 2009-03-02
I recently acquired 2 golden Gouramis to add some color to my tank of bland silver and black fish. One died days after being introduced to his new home, probably due to stress the poor thing :( . Our remaining gourami is quite the character. He is very shy, but very curious, and all he wants to do is touch the other fish with his feelers. Which is not what the others want, lol. I have him housed in a 56 gallon tank with Two red-tailed tinfoil barbs, 2 Rainbows (Parkinson's rainbow and Australian Rainbow), 2 corydoras (Albino and Pepper) one columbian shark and one very tiny pleco that I'm convinced is part ninja (His hiding skills are top notch). Chester, The gourami, tends to stick around with the Rainbows or be alone. The barbs, although the most docile fish in the tank, seem to scare him a lot, although he has since gotten used to the whole idea. I am thinking of getting a blue gourami to be Chester's friend, but I don't really want him to be bossed around... So I might not buy one after all.

Bill De Vinney - 2008-06-29
Hello everyone, I have a 55 gallon tank. I started off with two gold Gourami's and two blue. One blue jumped out of the tank through the opening of my water fall filter system. I also have a 10 inch Sailfin leopard pleco and 6 purple Zebra Cichlids, two Emerald Cory Cats, 10 Kribs (Cichild family) and a Bala Black tip shark. Everyone gets along fine and they all kmow the pecking order. The Kribs and the Purple Striped Zebra Cichlids keep the Gold Gourami's in check. As I'm writing this letter the sole Blue male Gourami is making bubbles at the top of the water. I feel he should check with the other gold male before he gets any ideas.

Matt F - 2008-06-28
I recently added 2 gold gouramis to my thirty gallon aquarium that also has 3 peppered corydoras catfish in it. The smaller of the two gouramis constantly chases the larger one around the tank. I know this is not because they are both males as I know one is female, the other fish's sex is unknown. I'm not sure why the larger fish allows the smaller to bully it, however they are quite beautiful and make a good addition to an aquarium.