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The Giant Gourami is the largest of all labyrinth fishes...big, powerful, and an overall awesome fish!
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Rick - 2004-04-11
I have 8 pink lady gouramis in a 300 gallon tank, i bought them about 5 months ago when they were about 4 inches long. now they are all about 12 inches. they tend to get along very well. they are very cool looking all together. on the other hand i also have 3 red tails and 2 white gouramis in a 240 gallon tank. they are very aggressive and have to be separated all the time. for some reason the pink ladys seem to be the peaceful and newest of the spieces.

Tony - 2004-03-01
My Giant Gourami attacks all of my other fish including the catfish which most fish tend to ignore. The problem is getting worse as it grows, so I have separated my Gourami from the other fish. I hope my Gourami grows to be less aggressive as I hope to open up my tank in future.

Louise - 2003-10-13
We have had our Giant Gourami for some time now, and he has rarly caused any problems, he seemed a little down at first but now gets on with my two other dwarf gouramis.

He is a great addition to our tank, and is great fun to watch.

Id recommend one to anyone with a large tank, as he grew very fast!