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The Giant Gourami is the largest of all labyrinth fishes...big, powerful, and an overall awesome fish!
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Joe-Malaysia - 2006-01-10
I have two wild (black) giant gourami sizes 24" n 18" which i kept it for a long time period. A gourami is a good eater, can eat everything even u give them, even a handburger! u can keep this fish as long as u want but u have to spend some money to buy a 6x2 foot an aquarium because it is a GIANT GOURAMI! For me, i just put both in the pool so they can swim happily ever after...

Simone Bostic - 2005-12-19
My pet Gourami is Marina. She is 13 inches and still growing. She is in a 120 gal tank with a Jack Dempsey, 3 moonlight gouramis, 3 goldfish and a few tiny African Cichlids. I have never missed any of her tiny tankmates. I feed her Select Cut Dog Food (one piece at a time, no gravy) otherwise she'll eat me out of house and home. This is a great fish. I recommend it if you have a large tank and a sense of humor.

erica - 2005-12-10
My mom had a giant gourami. His name is Bandit. I bought him from Wal-Mart when he was only 3" long and we had him over a year till he was 11" long. We had so much fun with him. We finally had to give him up because he was just too big and a handful for my mom. We tried to feed him lettuce for the first time and he instantly loved it. He also loved pieces of ground cooked chicken. Sometimes I would play with him by wiggling my finger in front of his tank and he would try to attack it and at the same time his tail would go and cause a tidal wave to go over the tank and make a big mess. One time I tried to do that while my mom was near it, but unfortunately he wouldn't do it, Darn it. We do miss him a lot, my mom more so because he was her fish. He is at the Petco store in our local area and in a huge tank where it is better for him. According to my mom who visits him, he is homesick. I told her it is for the best.

Lan Phan - 2005-07-15
I own a 300 Oceanic Show Aquarium with a three inch red tail giant gourami, two nine inch silver arowanas, two four-five inch silver scats, four three-four inch parrot fish, and a six inch pleco. All are doing fine with each other and my key diet when feeding them are pellets and freezed dried bloodworms which they enjoy. My Ph is at 7.2, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and can you believe no Nitrate 0. Temperature is at 82 F and four filtration I personally am using eight yes eight Ehiem canister filters as in line. I used Ehiem 2215 straight in line and than the Ehiem 2217 as well by using different bio medias to clear my water. My lighting system I went with six 10,000K, two actinic blues, and two 50/50 lighting system.

bob - 2005-02-23
i have one of these comical fish he is over 26" and no problem with small fish even tetra. i have had him over 20 years and he was 12" when i got him. he loves lettuce, cucumber, grapes, etc, etc, and will eat whole prawn in the shell. he loves attacking you but it is all show. they are soft and very inteligent. i tried to put him in a large pool in my conservatory, he did not settle so moved him back into his tank. his name his derek although he is a she. would not recommend for beginners to keep them due to size and very long life.

Pan - 2004-11-06
My two gourami grew real fast and big in my small fish pond. In two years they grew from about 4 ins to more than 12 inches. They are really sociable and live harmoniously with the many ordinary koi fish and flower horns. I added another two small ones, and like wise they grew to the same sizes. They like the koi pellets, and occasionally I saw them jumping and nipping at leaves located just above the water.

Anonymous - 2004-10-05
oh yah this fish is cool

leela - 2004-07-07
my dad has had a giant gourami for the past 6 years and he is roughly 20" long even though he is a old fish he has still got a temper to match a young fish he will not let us put any other fish in with him. We had salmon tail sharks with him that were nearly as big as him and he even killed them. So if you plan on having one of these fish i advise anyone to give them their own tank. you could even put its tank near the tv, Moby (our gourami) loves watching the tv.

gords - 2004-06-02
i have four beautiful giant gouramis (2 albinos and 2 common) and i intend to breed them soon. - gords

Shawn - 2004-04-27
My pink giant gourami was only about 4 inches when I first bought it. After about 5 months, it grew to about 12 inches! It eats a lot and grows real fast. When it is hungry, it will keep begging for food whenever I approach it. But after a heavy meal it will become quite nervous and hides whenever I come close to it. Quite an interesting fish. It will swallow whatever that can fit into its mouth. Now that it is big enough, whenever I place my finger onto the tank glass, it will start attacking it by knocking its mouth against the tank glass!