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The Giant Gourami is the largest of all labyrinth fishes...big, powerful, and an overall awesome fish!
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Uni Krishnan - 2012-02-15
I have 3 inch giant gourami , can anyone tell me how long it will take for him grow to the size which is shown in the images posted by this website

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-15
    Hello Uni. There are a few things that determine the growth rate of the Gaint Gourami. Tank size is a key factor; as well as amount of fish in the tank. I have had one reach almost 2 feet in length in a 150 gallon tank and it was around 2 years old.
Imran H Kasmani - 2011-03-09
The shelf life of GIANT GOURAMI differs from condition to condition if provided with neat & clean water & a good diet twice a day it can live up to years & viceversa

Floating friend - 2010-08-24
Hi there, we have a giant gourami called "G". Who ended up being a girl not a boy. She is about 2-3 years old and is about 50cm long already....
"G" did not like other fish also, but we have put a mirror in her tank, which she loves and now has accepted 3 small kissing gouramis.... she is such a character and loves her food... This is her 3rd tank as she has out grown all of them... tip: if you want your gourami to have tank mates, introduce her to them not the other way... or get a mirrror :-))))

Fish Stake - 2009-12-02
This fish is awesome.

lazyhorse - 2009-05-12
Hi, I've had a giant for about 30 months now. It eats anything I throw into the tank for him; veg, banana, pellets, blood worms and even cooked rice.

Anonymous - 2008-11-25
HIA,Christophere here. My giant's name is Chris. He is 2 yrs old, but what to tell you about my fish. Wow, truly amazing, truly. Large but a very gentle one. He is 2 yr male in my 4 foot tank but his size is almost 18 inches, huge one, hahahaha. Chris eats all things, note this all plzzz guys, I'm serious.

Anonymous - 2008-11-14
Hi people. I've been keeping fish 40 years and I've kept most of what's out there. Now
I can tell you these fish are not all that they appear. The one I had the longest, pinky we called him, was a very aggresive and nasty fish. We had to put ours in my friends tank while we decorated the room. I got a call an hour later, he had killed their oscar and was bashing their big red devil. When I got there it was almost dead and all the other fish were up one end of the tank. But we loved him, and it ate anything. An internal muck sucking filter combined with a good sump filter is the best. Have fun, I found them great. mark

Abi Sufian - 2008-08-04
I newly bought my giant gourami. She was smaller in 5 inches. I feed them koi and goldfish pellet. When giant gourami grow to be adult they like to live in green water. You are no need to change water and feed them just little. They will eat algae.
Juveniles like to eat live food, but when they grow to adulthood they love to eat vegetation. They will grow large, maximum is 4 feet to 5 feet.

Vishnu threkamatathil - 2008-05-17
Gouramis are a group of most beautiful as well as edible fishes in world, especially in Asian countries. They belong to the family anabantidae, main 3 species are,
Giant Gourami - Osphronemus gourami,
Siamese Gourami - Trichogaster pectoralis,
and the Kissing Gourami - Helostoma temmincki. I have a small aquarium with two Kissing Gouramis and I put their names as Akkum Ikku, with most love.

Emily Goerge - 2007-11-19
My cousin gave me about 8 small river fish, and my giant gourami ate all of them but one. I do not know why he is always following me around too, and I can put my hand in the tank and pet him. His name is jaws... I think you know why.