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The Dwarf Gourami is one of the smallest and most striking of the gouramis, and a showpiece for the aquarium!
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gouramigal - 2011-07-14
I think I've worked it out. It has AMMONIA POISONING, all the symptoms add up ..
Fish gasp for breath at the water surface
Purple or red gills
Fish is lethargic
Fins are torn and jagged
Loss of appetite
Fish lays at the bottom of the tank
Fish may appear darker in color
Red streaking on the fins or body,
poor fishy i hate to see him like this.. ;(

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    Sure it is not a bacterial disease? Animal Eorld article on Fish Diseases and Treatments says "Bacterial Diseases: Bacterial diseases are usually characterized by red streaks or spots and/or swelling of the abdomen or eye. These are best treated by antibiotics such as penicillin, amoxicillin, or erythromycin". Chck it out and check the symptoms out because it is treatable.
Callum - 2008-11-12
These fish have a great personality!

eric - 2008-08-14
I had a male and female dwarf gourami for 7 months until they both died mysteriously. My female died when I was in florida and I came back tp see her body on the ground with lots of holes. The male died the dumbest way, he swam up next to my filter tube and a plant, got stuck and died. I miss them a lot and am hoping to get some more soon, and maybe even a three spotted gourami.

bob - 2008-01-09
Just want to warn everyone that some dwarf gouramis are aggressive. I had two that liked to attack other fish, and they beat up a firemouth before one killed the other. The remaining one attacked my spotted climbing perch and pair of kribensis (and continued harassing the firemouth). When I kept them in a more peaceful tank they attacked guppies, otos, zebra danios, cory catfish, and ate two ghost shrimp. There were also a few disappearances, but I cant say it was my dwarfs. They also liked to rip up and eat my plants. These fish are very good at catching diseases so make sure your water quality is excellent. Other than that, they were great fish and resilient, surviving a two day move. They interacted with people (they liked to bite anything that was put into the tank) and seemed to watch TV. I will probably get another, but I will be more careful with tankmates.

Laura - 2007-11-25
These fish are extremely hardy. I went to my parents for a week, forgetting to turn on the light to the aquarium before i left, and all my other tropicals froze. My red fire dwarf gourami is the sole survivor, which is kinda upsetting given I had the angel and cory cat for 2 yrs (got the cory same time as the gourami), as well as having had 2 silver dollars and a pleco in the tank. He is very shy and prefers to be near the bottom of the tank.

Danielle - 2007-11-22
These are for sure some of the best fish ever! I had two (not sure of the sex) and they were great until the freak accidents started happening. My first got stuck in between the wall of the tank and the rocks. I dont see how it could have possibly gotten in there, and the rock didn't fall? Then my other gourami jumped out of the tank, but how, through the glass lights? So i think that my gouramis are cursed, but i dont want to put anyone off buying them! These are awesome fish, full of life, energetic and great for the kids.

Kate - 2007-11-18
I have 1 male dwarf gourami and he is one of my favorites! He is in my first 40Litre tropical tank along with 1 yellow cobra guppy, 1 red tuxedo guppy and 4 harlequin rasporas. At first the guppys were aggressive towards him but now everything is fine. I am hoping to later add one honey gourami and 2 more harlequin rasporas.

alex paton - 2007-06-02
dwarf gouramis are so cool. i have had two (a male and female) for several months now. my female is a bit shy and nervous still but my male seems to be really confident.

Anonymous - 2006-12-02
My favorite fish for sure! I have 1 fire red male and 2 neon blue females with 3 rasboras, 3 cories, 2 honey gouramis, 4 rummy nose tetras, 2 snails, and a bristle nose pleco in a 20h tank. I would recommend you get 1 male and 2 females or at most 2 males. 1 male and 1 female may work but 3 males=BAD idea. I did this and 1 male was killed within a day!

Daniel Olovich - 2006-10-10
I Have 4 Dwarf Gouramis all male and they are al very beautiful fish, although they seem to have a-bit of a bullying problem. Every week or so the role of who would be the aggressive fish seemed to have changed; in the process, unfortunately scales have been lost and scars have been left. But i would recommend these fish for everyone, especially beginners. Also I believe the tank should be no smaller than 25-30 gallons.