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The name Three-spot Gourami at first seems a bit of a mystery. This fish actually only has two spots, the third spot is generally considered to be the eye!
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Amy - 2004-07-20
I have had several different Gouramis and think they are very hardy and beautiful fish. But, I have a very aggressive "killer" blue Gourami on my hands. Over the past year and half he has tormented and caused the death of at least 10 fish. At one time I had him in a separate tank, but it broke, so back he went with the other fish and in the past month has killed my Gold Gourami. Things seem to be okay for now, but I have several hiding places for all the other fish. He is very much the king of the tank.

Tracey Bassett - 2004-06-23
I have 3 dojo loaches, 5 red eye tetra, 4 desert rainbow fish, 1 Australian rainbow fish, 2 blue gouramis, 2 guppies, and a sucker fish all in a 30 gallon tank. They all get along great. My gouramis are both males and are about 3 inches in length. They chase each other, but no harm is done.

Peregrine - 2003-08-19
The Blue or also three-spot gourami is a brilliant fish.
I currently kept a small male in a ten gallon with
two corydoras catfish, one butterfly pleco and one
common pleco who will be moved to a fifty five gallon
pretty soon. My gourami gets along pretty well with
the other fish but sometimes he does get a little nippy,
reminding the corydoras that he is the ruler. :) ha! ha!
A very beautiful, hardy, interesting fish that fish
keepers should try out after they have got the hang of
the hobby.