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The name Three-spot Gourami at first seems a bit of a mystery. This fish actually only has two spots, the third spot is generally considered to be the eye!
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H. Doerksen - 2005-07-18
I have a 75 gal tank with a gold gourami, 12 tetras, couple of bottom feeders and one large angel. I added a blue gourami and all was fine until the blue gourami out grew the gold gourami. It is now a marathon around the tank with the blue gourami chasing the gold. I am going to have to remove the blue guy as he has become much too disruptive.

Tami - 2005-06-24
Hi my name is tami, and I own a blue gourami. I love it. i called it eddy, but i am not quite sure whether it is a boy or a girl. so i came to this website to look up a picture of the fish, cause someone said my fish might be a blue gourami and i also got how to tell the difference between the sexes. So i guess my friends were right. so well, here is the story of how I got it. I am age 17 and my father teaches science and he had this aquariam in his room. He had this teacher ask him if he would like a fish in it and he said yes sure. so come the end of the school year he had nowhere to put it. i offered my room. so well there is the short version of my story, but i love pets and fish most of all.

sam roberts - 2005-05-30
I have 2 blue gouramis that are about 3 inches long. I have them in a 75 gallon tank with a 8" fire eel, a 4" fire eel, a 4" albino claw frog, a tapajose sultan pleco about 4", a common pleco about 5", about a 6" carupo knife fish, a 5" ghost knife fish, 4 silver dollars, a 4" and a 3" angel fish, and a 12" pacu. The paco is a recent addition but the blue gouramis don't seem to chase anything around the tank but each other. I recently discovered that I have a male and a female gourami. Of course even the silver dollars aren't much smaller than the gourami's either. I believe that size is an important factor because even when I put feeder fish in their they don't go after them

Jennifer - 2005-05-18
I have 2 Blue Gouramies and 2 gold gouramies along with mollies, angelfish, and silver dollars. In a nearly 50 gallon tank, all are doing well. They like to swim and feed with my other fish and don't chase them around the tank. Right now they are only about 2-3 inches long. I think most people having problems with gouramies are putting them in tanks too small. Then need plenty of territory and will be less aggressive. Mine have done wonderful this way.

Bert - 2005-05-09
I have 3 Blue Gourami in a 30 gallon tank. Two are about 3 inches, the other 4 and a half. I also have 6 neon tetras, 2 penguin tetras, a redtail shark, 4 red eye tetras, 4 glowlight tetras (i think that's what they are, lol), 3 algae eaters, 1 red platy, and a 6 inch Plecostomus Catfish. Added each new fish type at least a week apart. Started the tank about 9 months ago, took time to get the water right, chemically. Fish stopped dying after the 2nd month. The last addition was about 5 weeks ago. No deaths to report as of yet. I've been feeding both floating flakes and sinking pellets for the bottom feeders.

Daniel Tallent - 2005-04-10
I have a 45 gallon tank with 4 danios, 2 tiger barbs, 6 tetra, 1 angel, 1 blue gourami, 2 plecostomas, and 2 fiddler crabs. they live quite happily except when i added a dwarf flame gourami. the big blue bully took care of him but other wise all is well.

nicole - 2005-03-31
I have been playing musical tanks with my fish to find the right combinations. I have 8 neon tetras, 6 black skirt tetras, a black phantom tetra, 4 platies, 5 mollies (plus one baby that hid when I got rid of the rest), a betta, and a blue gourami. In addition I sort of breed snails. Knowing I have to watch what I put the gourami with is why I am playing musical tanks. He gets along fine with the mollies and the platies, but chases the tetras. I am leery of putting the betta and gourami together. So I had the gourami with the platies and all the snails in one tank. But I just found out that the gourami nips at my snails tentacles, and I just can not have that. So now he is in with no snails, the 4 platies and my neons. Seems to do ok with the neons because if he gets close to them, they are faster and go to the other side of the tank. As he gets bigger, I will be taking all the small fish out of his tank. But beautiful fish, and I can not wait till he is full grown :)

Mike - 2005-03-23
I have 2 blue gouramis 4 inches long, they are agressive and have to be kept seperate from my other aquarium. I believe i have a male and female breeding pair from the difference in dorsal fins and coloration. they do a wierd dance when together that i can only describe as courtship. so far no egg bubbles.

john - 2005-01-06
I just got my first larger size aquarium, ten gallons, and I put a Red tail shark, a guppie, and two black skirt tetras into the tank. After my shark decided to commit suicide, there was a small opening near the filter he jumped out of (oops!), I went and got a Blue Gourami and a plecko. At first everything was fine and dandy but then I came home one day and the Gourami had killed the two tetras. The guppie seems to be ok though. I think its best to keep the Gouramis away from the little guys.

Kim - 2004-10-10
I have a blue gourami in a 10 gallon tank with a yoyo loach, a glass fish, a black tetra, two platies and one swordfish. I have had them all together with no problems for the past month and a half. The blue gourami is growing bigger now. In the past two days it has attacked and killed both of my platies who were at least half its size. It chases the swordfish, but I have put in extra hiding places and it seems to be okay. The black tetra is the same size as the blue gourami, but the blue gourami still chases the tetra. The tetra is a lot faster than the gourami though. I will not be putting any more small fish in the same tank as the gourami.