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The name Three-spot Gourami at first seems a bit of a mystery. This fish actually only has two spots, the third spot is generally considered to be the eye!
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Liz - 2006-02-05
I just got a 10 gallon fish tank not long ago and i have 3 small tiger barbs, 2 guppies (male&female), 2 rosy barbs, & 2 emerald green corys. today i rescued a medium sized blue gourami from a large tank, that was getting beaten up and its tail almost nipped away! poor thing! even though everyone says these fish are so aggressive it seems like this one isnt at all (just from today)! it hasnt really bothered with any of the other small fish and they seem to be getting along great. i hope it continues to be like this! (maybe the gourami learned his lesson)

Susan Johnson - 2005-11-02
I purchased three medium sized blue gouramis yesterday and placed them in a 55 gallon tank with two red velvets, two golden molly's, two fairly large bala sharks, three medium sized black angel fish, three bleeding hearts, and 9 various tetras. The guy at the pet store told me that the gourami's would do great in the tank...well he is right! They went NUTS when I walked by the tank and almost came out of the water! They are very aggressive fish. Mine are tending to stay behind my plants and leaving the others alone. of my tiger barbs is dying as I type. He has been beaten up pretty bad and I am trying to do everything possible for him! The gourami's may be finding a new home...back at the pet store!

Regina Robinson - 2005-10-09
About one year ago I purchased two small bluegouramies. Up until three weeks ago they were pretty healthy. They grew very large; as I have them in a 55 gallon aquarium with two plecos spinocis(sorry about the spelling), a black one and a chocolaty chip one, a very large fancytailed goldfish, a medium-sized comet goldfish, and one large albino catfish. For some unknown reason one of the gouramies has lost its skin and fins. It died last night when I put it in a ten gallon medicine tank. Needless to say after reading the comments and information on this site, I will not be buying anymore gouramies.

Patty - 2005-09-28
i have had a male blue gourami for a month now (3-4 in). he has harrassed to death three females (blues) and eaten my neons (12), yet i forgive him, he is so beautiful! i just have had to give him the run of the tank...funny thing is, now that the females are gone, he seems depressed (there is a man for you! Lol!) he is an interactive fish, zipping to the front of the tank whenever he sees me come close...i hope to one day find a female large enough to keep him in line! :) wonderful for anyone who finds the oscar to get too big.

GouraMitzi - 2005-09-14
Hi. I have 2 blue gouramis (both about 3 inches), 6 neon tetras, 1 powder blue dwarf gourami (2 inches)and 1 albino plecostomus (only 2 inches) in a 26-gallon tank. I see the male blue gourami chasing the female a lot, but my tank is heavily planted with plastic plants, so she is fine with no torn fins or visible injuries. The blue gourami male leaves all the other fish alone, but chases my feisty dwarf gourami occasionally. The blue gouramis love blanched spinatch leaves and peas (without skin) I give them. I have only had the blue gouramis for over a week now, but the female started looking plump and the male's color has intensified. I also see him trying to blow bubbles at the surface of the water. I am thinkng about getting the tank(water level, temperature, floating plants, etc.) ready for possible spawning. :) I love these fish!

Tip - 2005-08-22
I have a large blue gourami male. I have put two Plecostomus in with him and both Plecostomus have disappeared without a trace. I noticed him nipping at the Plecostomus, then a week later there was no trace of the Plecostomus. My husband did not believe that he ate the Plecostomus, so he bought another and put it into the tank.
2 weeks later that one disappeared without a trace. We are thinking of moving the gourmi to smaller tank and getting other fish to put into the larger tank.

candice - 2005-08-17
The blue gourami is a very awesome fish. I kinda noticed as they get older, they change colours to show when they are happy and settled, and also when they are nervous and scared. They are pretty aggressive and will kill smaller fish (even they're own kind), so be careful. They are very smart and one of the best fish out there! Mine's already 3 years old! I love you "Fat B"!!

Gary - 2005-08-08
I bought two "3 spot Gouramis" and mixed them with my goldfishes. But from what I've learned from this site, the "3 spot Gourami" is somewhat of a bully. Actually my two gouramis are always chasing each other until now, and I did see them harrassing the my precious goldfish. Now I'm considering purchasing another tank for these gouramis ... I don't want to take any chances.

paul - 2005-07-28
I have four blue gourami's. When i bought them from the shop i asked for 2 male and 2 female but now they've grown bigger i've discovered that i have 3 males and 1 female! The males fight over the female and the female gets harrassed by all 3 males. Although they attack each other i have them in a community tanks with fish of similar and smaller sizes and they gourami's haven't caused them any bother...yet.

-[?]- - 2005-07-26
I personally think the blue gourami isn't a good community fish even when its small, they usually attack each other biting tails and fins. They fight each other almost to death, I had to seperate them. They are very good eaters though. they also chase around many other fish like tiger barbs and what not, but counld't catch them because they are not quite fast enough.
The blue gourami is very aggresive compared to all the facts on the web, but makes a collection towards the aquarium.