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The name Three-spot Gourami at first seems a bit of a mystery. This fish actually only has two spots, the third spot is generally considered to be the eye!
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Hana - 2007-11-29
I had two gouramis but one died because my family went to Colorado for four days and the weather in Dallas got cold so suddenly. The big one died and I tried everything to keep it alive but it soon died. The smaller one is still alive but was swimming wobbly but lived. I cried when the big gourami died but I had hoped that they would mate and get some babies. My mom loves the gouramis and I love my beautiful gourami.

ross - 2007-08-27
I have blue gourami that has grown to full size. He ws originally in a tank with an opaline where he was smaller, things were good until the blue one got bigger, eventually he killed the opaline. he now lives with just a sucker fish and when he picks fights with the sucker fish the sucker fish actually owns him. i'm still waiting to see if one of them dies from this.

Kevin - 2007-06-23
I started a new 29 gal tank about 3 months ago with two blue gouramis, a bala shark and a plecko. I quickly aquired a Dragon Fish from a friend that was attacked and beaten up by one of his other fish. One of the gourami's started to outgrow the other rather quickly. He made it to about 2.5 inches and became very aggressive. Over the course of last night he killed the other gourami. Never bothered the shark, plecko or Dragon fish though. I got some more blue gouramis and he went right after them as soon as they left the bag. Had to take him out of the tank. I love blue gouramis, beautiful fish but they have to be watched closely with other fish, apparently even other gouramis!

Thilal - 2007-06-11
I introduced a male white Gourami and a female three spot Gourami to a small pond. This pair kept on laying eggs even after the first and second set of fry appeared. Without exaggeration there may have been atleast 2000 fry in the pond when I removed the parents. Now there are atleast 200 - 300 young ones who are 5mm or smaller. I didn't realize they were such prolific breeders. My concern now is space for all these fish to grow.

carmen - 2007-01-18
Hi! I have 2 Opaline gouramies and one Blue Lavender 3 spot gouramie and they all get along with the rest of my fish. The guppies seem to be the ones to show them whose boss of the tank, and my angel just keeps to its self. I realy love my gouramies and I hope to get some different kinds soon.

Irene - 2006-11-08
We have a 29 gal tank with two blues and one gold. Crazy, but the mollies push these guys around. We have a few mollies and platys and they rule the tank...not the gouramis. The gold gourami is about 4.5 inches and is pushed around by everyone, including the crab. I have not seen anyone hurt anyone, although they will chase each other - but even that isn't aggressive. I think part of our success is that we have driftwood "caves", rock caves, floating plants, and several ground based plants. Some place for everyone to hide.

Patty Viera - 2006-10-11
I've had my blue gouarmi for a little over a year and a half. She's been an excellent fish, with a fine personality. She was a rescue from someone who was keeping her in a 2 gallon tank. Horrible! This type of fish is definitely a loner, and requires at least a 20 gallon tank. However, they are well worth the time and effort.

Angela - 2006-06-26
I have had a gourami tank for three years now. I have a gold gourami and two blue gouramis. All three are about 5 inches in length and very vibrant in colors. Together, they are very passive fish, though they do have their set territories in my 55Gal tank. Originally, I began with one gourami and found that it DID pick on the other fish, but when kept in a community of odd numbers (3 or more) the three spot gourami family does just fine. This is a semi-aggressive fish by all means, as they do have their set zones in the tank and when summer time comes around the males have little challenges where their colors tend to darken and they 'feel' each other and will charge at one another quite fiercely. I've never had any injuries, but can imagine that it is very possible with such strong fish.

Beautiful and people friendly, my gouramis will try and feel your fingers if you put them next to the glass or while I am cleaning the tank. They have also felt over the other fish but never harmed any of them. Keep in mind I have a purely smi-aggressive tank however and everyone can hold their own. All fish have one rule... If it fits in my mouth I'll eat it.

gus - 2006-06-19
I took over caring duties for a friend of mines Blue Gourami that he named Guami. He is in a 26 Gal. Bow front along with two YoYo loaches, eight neon black tetras, eight glo-lite tetras and for a little while six zebra danios. He at first had a problem with being in the tank, attacking everyone in it, but I took all the fish out, re-arranged all of the plants and drift wood and such, and put him in last. He leaves everyone alone now and just hangs out in the top right corner of the tank while I am watching him, but if I sit down across the room he swims around the plants and just feels everything up. He jumps like crazy when I walk by, but that has gotten better since he has gotten to know me. Very nice fish, and very beautiful. I am considering starting a Gourami tank with three or four pairs of these guys in it.

Emily Lawley - 2006-03-05
I have had a Blue Gourami for a few months now with various Tertas, a Clown Loach, and a Catfish. Everyone got along great, until 2 days ago when I purchased a Gold Gourami. He flipped out, chasing the Gold Gourami for hours. I guess he's upset that he's not the big man of the tank anymore.