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The name Three-spot Gourami at first seems a bit of a mystery. This fish actually only has two spots, the third spot is generally considered to be the eye!
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Rob Lopez - 2011-07-09
I have a blue gourami and I setup my first tank. I didn't know it when I bought my fish, but I've been reading and I'm not supposed to have him with any of the fish I have. My blue gourami is in a 30 gallon tank with 10 guppies a few mollies and 4 tetras.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-11
    You are over the limit on how many fish for a tank. Rule of thumb is 1 gallon for ever inch your fih are going to be as an adult. You have to subtract gallons to allow for gravel and plants and decorations. So you have about 25 usable gallons. Gourami is going to be 6 inches and mollies are tiny. The good news is you can now justify that second tank you always wanted. The gourami is going to get large and the little tetras (and possibly the guppies - depending on kind) so the Gourami is going to see lots of food. Articles, you can have whatever fish you want - youjust need to make sure the enviornment is safe for all or you have more than one tank. So more good news, you can have all these fish. Bad news is you just can't have them all together - especially in this small a tank. Sorry but congratulations on a new tank. This is how I wound up with three tanks a whole bunch of years ago.
  • Alora - 2011-07-27
    You are over the limit a little but to be honest you can keep a lot more species with your gourami than you think (I have a betta with my gourami and they're fine)
  • Celeste - 2011-08-30
    I tried putting a king betta in with my other fish didnt work he over powered the other fish and every morning I found him with a new dead fish in his mouth I had to put him in a decorative 1 gal tank seems alot more calm now in his decorative barrel. I am debating on putting him in with my 4 large gouramis am not worried over the betta he seems to be able to defend himself very well am worried over the gouramis.
  • andrew - 2011-12-29
    I have a 90 gallon fish tank and about 30 guppies all sizes even some fry and a blue gourami. The gourami is about five inches and I have never seen him attack another fish but he killed his partner and now he looks blotted up like a puffer fish with his scales sticking out. Is it bad for him? But I dont think you have to move him but don't buy any more fish.
marcos - 2011-06-26
Hey there I have a blue three spot gourami that I have had for about 2 years now and is about 5 in. long. I was wondering if it was a male or female? Can somebody help me about? My email is

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  • Alora - 2011-07-27
    The simplest way to tell (that my pet store told me) is look at its dorsal fin. If it kinda ends in a point down his spine,it's a he, and if it ends more rounded,it's a she.
  • bill - 2011-09-26
    The males dorsal fin will reach and almost touch the tail fin, the females dorsal will be shooter and rounder, they will both change colors during breeding and the male will get extremely aggressive to any who enter his nesting area.
  • Dean Mari Rivera - 2011-10-25
    read the info about gourami in the inter net
Dean Mari Rivera - 2011-10-25
i have 3 blue gourami
2 male

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-25
    Ahh just starting - enjoy
gary - 2011-09-05
I've got a blue gourami which came with the tank I purchased and he seems really friendly and to be honest I had no idea what fish to add to the tank so I put in about 6 neon tetras and 2 of another kind of tetra and I am now missing a neon and 1 of the other kind. lol I cannot find them anywhere and I think the gourami has eaten them but I'm not sure, has he?
also what fish can I add to the tank

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-05
    Just me and my thinking but why not get another one of the same kind. Article attached on the blue gourami tells you how to tell the difference between the boys and the girls. Get on eof the opposite sex from the one you have. They have a tendency to get territorial with certain fish and if you are just starting ou, it is just easier, more fun, safer to get one of the same kind. Makes sense to me. Did you gourami eat the tetras? I don't know but if a fish can get another fish in his mouth - it is a good chance.
Douglas Morgan - 2011-05-19
I have a Three Spot Gourami and a couple weeks later added a Blue Gourami in a Fluval Edge Aquarium. After about a year my Blue is larger that the Three Spot (not what they said at the fish store) and He attacks my three Spot all the time. The three Spot will submit sideways and the Blue will push it down into the sand. I am getting where I hate the Gourami all together now. It is like having two male bettas in the same tank.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-19
    I don't know for sure but go to U-tube and look up gourami breeding. There are several short films there of gourami courting and breeding. It sorta loooks like the fella is beating the gal up. I don't know but could this be happening with yours? Also, you can read the article on Gouramis as it sounds like that can just be the nature of the fish. Can you remove one or redecorate the tank to give them their own space? You might not want to do this if they are breeding but then the Animal World article says to remove the female after breeding. It can also be the one wants to be the Alpha fish and is a bit of a bully. This might be breeding behavior though. It is always interesting.
  • Alora - 2011-07-27
    She could be right but I had 2 blue gouramis in a 30 or 35 gallon tank and they fought at each other (like nipping and chasing). They were all males btw and one day when I came home one of them was dead :(
Kim - 2011-01-13
We have 29 gal tank. We have two blue ones. One of them has started just laying on the bottom of the tank, and it's color has darkened. It doesn't seem to be guarding anything. Just sitting on the bottom. Any ideas as to why?

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  • Erica - 2011-05-13
    Not sure if this is the same problem, but I had 2 small goldfish and a pleco in my 30 gallon. I got some new goldfish from Petland (TERRIBLE DECISION) and they all got sick. They started out sitting at the bottom of the tank with the pleco, so we thought they were copying him and was kind of cute, but then they started dying and the disease became more obvious. They all got ich, velvet, AND fungus from the Petland fish. Now all that's left is the pleco. Long story short, he may be sick with one of these diseases. And NEVER buy anything live from Petland! Hope this helps.
Kitty - 2011-03-27
I have only one.. :P I think he's silly. He loved to play around with my other goldfishes, but now they passed away. -___- After they did, he got kinda lonely. He just stopped being all hyper and hid in the cave. I have gotten a Rainbow Shark now, and my Gourami seems more happy and social and they swim side by side to each other.. But I was wondering if that's gonna be safe in the future as my shark grows..?

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  • Editor's Note - 2011-03-28
    Most likely, your gourami and rainbow should be fine together. Rainbow sharks are generally bottom dwellers and can get aggressive towards other bottom dwellers (i.e. other rainbow sharks), but should not have too much of a problem with other community fish, including gourami's. If you are concerned, then over time I would just keep an eye on them and make sure fins are not getting nipped and torn and that no fights break out.
Peter John Sidiropoulos - 2009-06-05
Believe it or not, I have a blue gourami in a tank with all ciclids. And the funny thing is he USED to bully my flowerhorn when he was smaller, which now the tide has turned and he should have been nice to him. Because now my older and bigger flowehorn gives this guy hell. He swims around for his life, but he doesn't harm him, just likes to show him who's boss now!

anwar - 2009-07-20
I have a female blue gourami which seems a bit fat and a male which is always chasing her. I have a lot of hiding places where she can hid. But when he finds her he chases her again and again, and she always changes colors. Like all her body is striped and now she is just in a corner, and if she comes out he attacks her and is she pregnant and will he build the bubble nest and does he want her. anwar from sudan

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  • Maria - 2010-03-26
    Hi there, for your gourami's to live happily together and not chase each other like mad, then you need to have at least 2 females to every 1 male, as the males do harrass the females, and then when one female is tired of the chase then he can chase the other. I learnt that the hard way as i had 2 males and 1 female gourami and the 2 males chased and nipped the female literally to death. RIP pretty one lol. She went to fishy heaven........Flushed. I hope that helps your situation, so maybe go and get another girl and they should be fine.
  • Anonymous - 2011-01-19
    I may be a little late but it looks like she has already spawned and should be taken out of the tank he is trying to keep her and everyone else from eating the eggs. The eggs are really tiny and should hatch within 36 hours if temperature is around 80 degrees watch real hard else you will miss them. Now you can take him out of the tank or try and get the baby's out before they get eaten. The baby's will live on there yolk sac for a couple of days then will need baby fry food. I recommend mixing the baby food in a cup of water before pouring into tank this allows the fine particles to sink in the water and the baby fry will get enough to eat. If not most floats on top and some will not get enough to eat and starve in a week or two. Http://mytropicalfishhobbyone. Blogspot. Com
K - 2010-12-17
I have a blue gourami in a 10 gallon tank. He has been in there with a sucker fish for about 6 mos. I had a female, but she died of ick. I recently added a goldfish and they get along fine. The gourami will occasionally chase the goldfish around. Now, someone gave me 2 male guppies. They are a lot smaller than all of the other fish. I don't want my gourami to kill them. Will he?