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Liz - 2004-10-08
I am going to have to get another tank as my red flame gourami is bullying all the other fish..even other gouramis. I thought these were a peaceful species! My other gouramis are hiding because of him. Bummer.

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matto - 2004-10-07
i just added a pearl to my 180 litre tank today, it is fitting in well with my 2 angels and silvershark, i plan to add 2 bristle noses 2 bronze catfish, a kissing gourami and a large assortment of tetras and barbs

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clark - 2004-10-05
Everything I read about the neon blue dwarf gourami states it as being a peaceful species. However, I recently put two males into close quarters and they began to fight in a way similar to Betta Splendens. I had to separate one into another tank after it was attacked repeatedly by the other male, which was flaring its fins and exhibiting a similar dominant behavior over the other.

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Anonymous - 2004-10-05
oh yah this fish is cool

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zeid al-kilani - 2004-10-03
i got a balloon kissing fish. still not red, as it should be, but really cute. it has a nice charisma in the aquarium and is really tough enough to resist the other fishes

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Heather - 2004-09-15
I am the proud new owner of a handsome, vibrant red Betta. I have noticed that already he acknowledges who I am when I come in from being out of my room. I also noticed that Bettas make taking care of them very easy. Yesterday, my Betta stopped eating and swimming around. He basically sat in one spot near the surface. When he did move, he didn

Changjoon Song - 2004-09-07
this site is awesome. has good informations.... at least for me. i better come more often.

ps: betta fish rock!!!

larissa - 2004-08-24
To all betta lovers. today i bought two lovely females. I all ready have a male so i thought i would get them to breed. My male is probably the meanest fish in the world . He goes at any thing that enters his tank! He is so much fun to watch. The girls are more relaxed and do not fight at all. The betta fish are the only fish i have ever got a bond with. Its amazing my male fish only likes me. I read to him every night before i go to bed. When ever i say his name, jojo, he will swim around really fast in his tank. Believe it or not he jumps out of the water when i come over to his tank. I love jojo and he is one of the nicest fish i have ever meet.

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Jas - 2004-07-26
I have a 90 gal tank with three Gold Gourami (2 male and one female), 1 Albino Rainbow Shark, 3 Neon Tetras, 1 mini-crab, and a Hypostomus Plecostomus. I have some live plants in the tank (Cabomba and Frill). Anyway, the gourami have bullied the the other fish into the plants for quite a while. They eventually allowed the other fish to come out. They still do not really care for the other fish, but they do put up with them. Gold Gourami are pretty aggressive- do not let the books fool you! They can be very vicious if they want.

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Kourtney - 2004-07-22
i have a tank with a huge 7 incher and i have a very small 1 inch kissing gourami and they are the cutest guys i have.


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