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Anonymous - 2006-04-27
i luv kissing gourami's there sooo cute, and romantic lol jk

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Aleen - 2006-04-24
I have a male betta in a 10 gallon tank. he is very active, and pretty, his body is white and pink, and his fins are a dark blue! his tankmates are 2 platys, 3 neon tetras, and 2 spotted cory cats. he didn't get along at first with the platys, but now they are good together. I feed them tetracolor flakes and freeze dried blood worms, they like it. bettas are very fascinating and the prettiest of freshwater fish!

Adam perry - 2006-04-11
my male betta is pink with a bit of white and purple on it.
sometimes it gets stuck in the plants and its so fun to watch.
i also have a gourami, two catfish, two congo frogs, dwarf cichlid, and
three sailfin mollies of which are happy to play with the betta and he pretends to be a sailfin molly.

Amber - 2006-04-03
I have a male betta, named Nemo. he's a beautiful blue, white, and purple, with a hint of red on his fins in the light. He tries going after my moor whom i guess he thinks is another betta. So I had to seperate him, just for while in the "time out bowl". I also have a female named Luna. She's beatiful, not like most females. She's all pink with flaming red and two white stripes on her tail. And, of coarse, she's the boss. lol. She's the little mayor of the whole tank. And she even eats some of the goldfish flakes I put in for my goldfish. And when it's time to clean the tank all I have to do for her is hold the net there. And she'll swim in it her little graceful way, and turn around in the net and get comfy and wait for me to pull her out into the cleaning bowl for them. I only wish the others would be so nice to me haha. The only other one that's not too much of a problem is jason, my dragonfish. he bites my net (especially for him) and holds on until we're almost out of the tank. then he'll let go and get comfy by wiggling until he's settled. My fish are so unique. And Nemo's such the character. He'll chase the net and try to fight with it. I've had bettas when I was younger and they never did that. I think it's hilarious.

jessica age 12 - 2006-04-02
bettas are great fish who are easy to keep alive. they only live a short while though, I kept mine alive for 2 years. they are great fish that everyone should have.

Amber - 2006-03-28
Be forewarned-Bettas will charge any fish with the right colour combination. It doesn't actually take very much to convince them that there is another Betta in the tank. They are particularly well-known for attacking (and, yes, killing) dwarf gourami and paradise fish. My betta, Simon, used to chase our neon tetras when they were schooling tightly (of course, they just scattered in every direction, which confused him senseless). Be careful!

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Dianne - 2006-03-19
I just bought my first Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami! He appears tiny next to my two Moonlight Gouramis! So far, the Moonlight's have checked the Neon out with their long graceful "feelers", but haven't shown any aggresion (yet) and I hope never do. Now I'm considering adding a female Neon.
I have a 40 gallon with three small schools - Rummy Nose Tetras, Rasboras and Glo-Lites, the two Moonlights and the Neon!
The tank is beautiful!

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ruth salles - 2006-03-16
I just purchased a male and female pearl gourami and by god, they are two of the coolest fish I've ever had. The female is so friendly and curious. I swear she knows me because every time I approach the tank or open it to feed them, she is right there at the surface. She lets me run my finger along her sides and comes back beggin for more. the male is a little less social, but he sure does protect the heck out of her. At first I thought he was nipping at her and irritating her, but I have since realized that if fish could fall in love these two most certainly are! I definately recommend this species because they are very friendly and they do not bother other fish, whatsoever. On top of all of this, they are really really really pretty.

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Joe M. - 2006-03-12
I have a blue gorami, and am reading all over the net that they are relativly dossile, and mix with angelfish. That is a joke. My gourami goes after any new fish that I put in the tank, I have plenty of plants for them to hide behind, however it is always attacking. I think that my best bet is to get rid of it... however I don't know how... I doubt the pet store would take it back (i don't even want a refund) and I don't have the heart to kill it.. but I like my angel fish much better.

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fishie billie - 2006-03-11
We put 2 opaline gouramis in our tank of community fish - bad idea! Fishman told us they would probably eat really small fish - we have good sized platties, guppies, rainbows, danios, tetras. After 2 weeks the opaline gouramies went in to killer mode, wiping out our guppy fish and attacking our platties. Had to be removed before they wiped our tank completely. Beautiful but DEADLY! If you decide to include them in your tank of civilised fish, be prepared!


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