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The beautiful Clown Knifefish is probably aquarist's most favored species of knifefish!
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Kevin - 2009-08-29
I have had my knife for a little over 2 years now he is a great fish.I currently have him in a 125 gal tank but soon to be 180. If you are thinking about getting a knife say goodbye to anything small in your tank and try feeding him dryed shrip or any dry brine.That way he doesnt get used to eating live fish. If you keep contact with your tank often he will actually become very friendly as he will eat ot of your hand and sometimes swim throgh your hand when feeding. Very amazing fish and once they grown past 6 to 7 inches very easy to take care of! Feel free to email me with any questions

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  • Brody Avalon - 2010-02-24
    Hmm...I have had mine for 15 years and he is about 20 inches long. I would caution handlers from feeding them unless you have quick fingers. He doesn't break the skin but it is painful when they bite :-)
xtasy - 2009-07-23
If you want to get a clown knife it will be fine in a 55 gallon aquarium for awhile. Until about 1 1/2 years when it gets over like 16inches long. But I have 1 in my 55 gallon and it is very happy with no space problems. Hope this helps. :)

Theresa - 2009-05-26
I purchased my clown knife (named "Buck") about four months ago. He was only about 3 1/2 inches long at that time. He is now 12 inches long. He is very friendly. Comes to the top of the tank when I approach as if he knows he's getting fed. He is in a 125 gallon tank along with a Shovel nosed Catfish, 3ea. 4-6" discus Fish, a 5" silver arowana and 4ea. 5-7" plecos. They all get along beautifully. This is just one of six tanks that I have in my home.

Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-10-10
Back for an update, well my Clown Knife that I got few weeks ago is doing fine and its in my 30 gallon now. It's kinda shy around me still, which is fine and natural. Also it's with the 2 Kissing Gourami's, 4 fiddler crabs, my pleco(6inches now), some gold fish and my puffer, all doing well!

Lan Phan - 2008-10-06
Hello there again its Lan Phan, I recently purchased a six inch Royal Clownknife from a local pet store here in Florida where I live. I paid about fifty dollars for he or she but it was well worth it since they are kinda hard to find anywhere. My goal is to ween it off live foods and instead feed it dried foods with much more nutrients. I'll keep you all posted on future updates and oh yeah, he or she is in my 1600 gallon aquarium.

Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-10-02
Today I got a Clown Knife and it's getting along with my Oscar, Tyke, which I think is very cool to see and they like to stay around each other looking for food, they actually just sit. I put a cup in the tank too, to make a small home for it until it gets bigger. It's about 7inches now and with the Oscar. They are both in the 120 gallon with a Black Finned Shark, a Puffer Figure Eight, and a few fiddler crabs, and all getting along well!

Tracie - 2008-06-10
I got my clown knifefish about a year ago from one of my dad's friends. I don't really know much about the fish, but its extraordinary. I call the fish "Misfit".
I don't know how old the fish is or how long it will live, but I'm assuming its still young. Misfit is about a foot long. yup. :]

brandon - 2008-02-25
I have 2 they are Spot and Dotty. I bought them at 2-3". Now a year later, in a 180 gallon aquarium they are 16-17" long and 1.5" thick. They also can eat 100 feeder goldfish in 2 days. I brought home minnows and ended up with ich. This nearly ended my companions and I'll never make this mistake again. Hope this enlightens others to the possible disease.

Linda Lou - 2007-12-28
When my 2 inch suddenly became 4 then 6 inches, I started paying closer attention. He is one of three; a black and an african brown. He enjoys being stroked and hand fed frozen worms. Recently discovered that he loves minnows and will devour 20 in one afternoon. Wild huh?

Shelly - 2007-11-28
My ex-girlfriend has one of these. It's real old and is a little over a foot long. It's really cool, because it loves when you stick your hand in the tank and pet it. It was really fun watching it basically inhale the feeder fish.